The most compelling offerings from companies that are answering the current needs of pharma marketers.


Burke Williams, Director of Sales Strategic Accounts,
Tim Ogren, Director of Sales National Accounts,
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TrialCard has built its business on providing individualized solutions to the pharmaceutical brand manager. The company prides itself on listening to the needs of its clients and then not only providing a solution to their conundrum, but offering something that can drive ROI as well. Recently, clients were clamoring for a non-static co-pay assistance solution as marketers were struggling with an inability to support patient access that could adjust based on geographic or managed care challenges, physician adoption or patient behavior in general.

TrialCard introduced its Adjusting Value technology that optimizes promotional programs that offer “Pay No More Than. . .” or “Save Up To. . .” savings with a prescription co-pay card. The patented technology enables prescription co-pay cards and coupons to adjust value based on a patient’s insurance coverage. Within the active adjustment, TrialCard leverages patient engagement to customize offers to individual patients prior to use at pharmacy. The resulting solution has a direct impact on changing patient behavior via co-pay assistance point-of-sale programs.



Precision Health Media
Bill Jennings, CEO

Brands that target niche health conditions have few good options. Ad placements at major health portals can usually only target a broad section such as diabetes or cancer. Behavioral targeting is limited due to consumer privacy concerns.

To address this problem, ConditionMatch from Precision Health Media connects marketers to the most relevant, highest-performing content across the web, targeting niche health condition environments across more than 200 health sites and reaching more than 57 million unique users monthly. ConditionMatch’s page-level content analysis includes third-party data like Google search trends, CDC data, and PHM historical condition ad performance data, enabling advertisers to precisely target patients with one or more medical conditions. ConditionMatch also avoids privacy concerns.

ConditionMatch places ads around the most deeply relevant content, then continuously optimizes each brand’s ad campaign for optimal performance. ConditionMatch advertisers are up to 50% more likely to reach consumers of prescribed medicines than advertisers at general health portals. ConditionMatch’s click-through rate of 40% is above the industry average, while lowering cost-per-visit by 71%, according to a major pharmaceutical marketer.


Group DCA
Ron Scalici, Chief Innovations Officer

Group DCA, a PDI Company, has developed a new Digital
Suite of cloud-based iPad apps to enhance sales rep
relationships with HCPs. DCA Digital Suite tools provide
access to an interactive platform where reps can display
digital content during a call, collect HCP insights from
the call, extend that call with additional information sent
post-detail via email to the physician, and monitor ongoing
non-personal promotional activity to their HCPs within the
territory. Pharmaceutical companies can also extend brand
messaging to “no-call” HCPs by using this app to deliver
fully compliant fulfillment pieces and/or digital content such
as eDetails, prescribing or important safety information.

In addition, it can leverage DCA Link, a proprietary
channel management platform, integrating personal and
non-personal promotion data with physician data, then
pushing it out to sales force automation systems. As a result,
the apps can trigger events based on activity.

Functional without Wi-Fi, once connected it then syncs
to the master database and automatically forwards a followup
to the physician via email or other non-personal channels.
Currently only available for the iPad, additional platforms
are under development.



John Weyrauch, Partner, Managing Director

As the needs of physicians and patients rapidly
evolve, their expectations for useful digital
healthcare experiences are rarely met. While the
traditional approach of personal promotion will
remain critical, it needs to be complemented with
more relevant and effective digital experiences.
To help eMarketers get the most out of today’s
digital marketing, Rosetta developed a new
healthcare service offering—the Digital Roadmap.
Digital Roadmaps provide pharma marketers
with strategic and tactical guidance on how to
measure, optimize and upgrade their organizations’
digital efforts to maximize ROI and overall brand

Leveraging years of experience creating digital
roadmaps across industries, Rosetta creates
roadmaps addressing the unique challenges
pharma clients face today. The agency takes a
critical look at performance metrics to do three
things: Identify what is working and what isn’t.
Define and articulate a clear digital vision specific
to each unique client organization. And identify
key objectives and action plans to achieve results
aligned with overall business goals and specific
marketing requirements.

DIGITAL FOCUS GROUP: Digitas Health Global Social Video Network

Digitas Health
Tim Pantello, SVP, Head of Marketing

Pharma has been slow to adapt to the changing digital landscape and changing consumer (or customer)
behavior. Today, patients are taking control of how, when and where they gain the confidence they
need to make treatment decisions. In fact, the average patient engages with as many as 10 sources of
information before and after receiving a physician recommendation for treatment.
In order to truly connect with people on their terms, Digitas Health created the Digitas Health Global
Social Video Network, which uses the latest in today’s video chat technology to provide lightning fast
insight mining on a global scale. The traditional focus group becomes a thing of the past as you can engage
with doctors and patients in any city in the world—right from their homes or offices. This means realtime
social conversations on new therapeutic areas, products and brand ideas, and in the end you have
powerful customer portraits and real-time insights to drive strategic and creative development.

ONLINE KOL COMMUNITY: Doximity Physician Engagement Platform


Bob MacAvoy, Senior Vice President, Business Development

Doximity is the largest, fastest-growing physician network in the U.S., with more than 110,000 physician members across all specialties. Physicians use Doximity to exchange HIPAA-secure messages, collaborate on clinical cases and read articles in a custom DocNews feed.

Doximity’s new Physician Engagement Platform is a subscription-based program featuring innovative channels that allow pharma companies to host their content in a professional physician social network and have leading experts discuss and answer questions for the community at large.

Perhaps the most innovative of these channels is our Speakers Forum. Based on a brand’s criteria, Doximity creates a private group in a forum hosted by physician KOLs selected by the client. Invitations are emailed to a target list of physicians. KOLs answer questions and share slide decks and links to clinically relevant information. The audience discusses these materials in the private forum. MedAffairs representatives monitor all forum activity. Posts can be deleted at any time, so the client always controls the messaging and story.

SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYSIS: ExtroUseful Social Insight Report

Dorothy Wetzel, Chief Extrovert

Most social media analyses are organized in a way that makes marketers think, “That’s interesting, but so what?” Developed by extrovertic, the Extro-Useful Social Insight report organizes the online conversation in the patient journey format so it helps marketers determine how to reach patients with the right messaging, at the right time, in the right place. Developed by seasoned pharma marketers rather than junior analysts, the recommendations are truly actionable.

Extro-Useful Social Insight is relevant for all stages of a brand’s lifecycle. However, it is a particularly efficient way to inject the voice of the patient into pre-launch communication development, when marketing teams are especially budget and time constrained. For brands that treat rare and orphan diseases, where research recruitment is difficult and expensive, it can quickly and cost-effectively paint a robust picture of patients’ needs.

Extro-Useful Social Insight helps pharma clients generate patient insights better, faster and cheaper than traditional research. And it is these insights that set the stage for innovative thinking; the kind that fuels healthcare communication with the power to change patient lives for the better.

UNDERSTANDING HEALTH EXCHANGES: Health Insurance Exchange Service

Health Strategies Group
Dami J. Shepard, Senior Director, Marketing Strategy

Health Strategies Group designed the first service of its kind to assess the impact of the new health insurance exchanges specifically on pharmaceutical companies. Twenty-three million people will be eligible for coverage through the exchanges and four out of five health plans expect to participate.

The new service fills the needs of payer-focused executives who are responsible for developing long- term channel strategies for commercial and government payers. It helps them prepare by answering key questions, such as:

• What is the profile of the exchange population?
• How are exchanges structured? How are plans, states, and the federal government contributing to their
• How will exchanges affect the current insurance landscape?
• How will exchanges impact pharmaceutical companies?

Because exchanges are expected to evolve considerably, Health Strategies Group has expanded its number of market research deliverables in this service from one in 2012 to eight scheduled for 2013.


The Snow Companies
Scott Dubow, EVP

Many serious conditions impact ethnic and racial minorities at disproportionate rates. Curiously, however, pharma marketing has been slow to act. A recent study by Global Advertising Strategies found that just 20% of pharma websites included minority imagery. In many cases, outreach toward Spanish speaking patients is even worse—with little or no attention being paid to building cultural relevance by recognizing nuanced language differences or addressing long-held cultural beliefs about health.

Multicultural Programming utilizing Patient Ambassadors, developed by The Snow Companies, gives a voice to minorities suffering from chronic illnesses. The Ambassadors include people from around the world who share their story about how a chronic illness changed their lives and affected their work, family and future. This approach has proven effective time and time again. For example, Hispanic attendees at recent live epilepsy patient programs with Spanish speaking Ambassadors were more than three times as likely to discuss treatment options with their physician than if hearing about it from a Caucasian patient speaker.

EXAM ROOM MARKETING: PDR Electronic Health Record (EHR)Solutions

PDR Network
Jeffrey Davis, Senior Vice President of Sales

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have transformed how physicians spend their workday. With more than half of

U.S. physicians having adopted an EHR, PDR’s integrated EHR solutions bring unprecedented opportunity for bio/ pharmaceutical manufacturers to reach prescribers after the exam room door closes. PDR’s services are welcomed by physicians for seamlessly fitting into their day and delivering critical safety and relevant brand support messages within workflow.

PDR BRIEF (pictured) is an integrated information hub that presents medication-specific resources that providers need at the point of prescribing, including safety messages (label updates, warnings and alerts); medication support messages (medication adherence, clinical trials and patient education) and financial support programs.

PDR Search allows access to medication-specific resources covering regulatory, professional and drug information on-demand through the EHR platform with links to manufacturer’s resources.

RxEvent is a dedicated, secure service for reporting suspected adverse drug events designed to support clinician reporting within workflow.


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