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Lindsay Dinan, New Business Support Manager

Event Eguide, CMI/Compas’ fast, easy-to-use mobile conference app, connects conference attendees to all event information from their smartphones and tablets. It was exceptionally popular among physicians attending Internal Medicine 2012, the annual scientific meeting of the American College of Physicians, where it was downloaded by nearly 7,000 physicians. User feedback was overwhelmingly positive, including “This app was my lifeline throughout the conference” and “No more paper programs for me, this app is perfect.” Meeting information was accessed over 100,000 times in three days. Usage increased by 55% over last year’s meeting.

Thanks to its plug-and-play design, Event Eguide allows any event or conference to be up and running with the app instantly. It offers clear and instant access to even the most complex conference schedule, supplementing and reducing the need for printed programs. App features enable users to personalize their own schedules, search for exhibitors, sessions and speakers, and use maps. The app is native, so once downloaded, all data is accessible without needing to be online.


Alpha 1C
Al Kenney, Founder of Alpha 1C

Alpha 1C has developed a high value, low cost Geo Targeting Model that combines a variety of available market-specific data which it transforms into a flexible analytical tool. This tool helps brand marketers forecast, prioritize and target the domestic or international markets where probability for successful launch, advertising and growth is greatest. The tool thus helps manufacturers pinpoint marketing, advertising and sales force focus.

The model enables manufacturers to see which markets deserve marketing and advertising support versus those where support might be premature. It can be used by the sales force to identify physicians they should target for the greatest return.

The tool is easy to use, interactive and can be updated as frequently as the data changes (usually monthly). Modeling assumptions can also be adjusted by the user as market conditions change. As a result of this flexibility, the model can serve as the foundation for strategic decision making throughout a brand’s life cycle. To see more, watch the video at

PATIENT-SPECIFIC ADHERENCE: Patient Empowerment Program

Boehringer Ingelheim
James E. Wood, National Account Director-Trade

Since one size does not fit all when it comes to the adherence challenge, Boehringer Ingelheim developed the Patient Empowerment Program (PEP), a patient-specific adherence app for iPad. It is based on 11 statistically significant dimensions of non-adherence identified in the company’s Medication Adherence Study. PEP is a way to address adherence without adding undue strain to the pharmacist’s workload.

Beginning with a brief patient self-assessment, PEP determines the top three dimensions affecting adherence in individual patients to create a patient-specific profile. The app then provides pharmacists with a series of brief, targeted interventions for each of the identified dimensions.

Interventions may be reviewed with a patient on the iPad when the patient is in the pharmacy, or printed and attached to the patient’s prescription bag. This gives pharmacists the flexibility to provide face-toface counseling when time permits, without adding unnecessarily to their workloads during busier periods. More information about PEP is available at


Decision Resources Group
Sarah Terry, MPH, Vice President, Channel Strategy

While the Affordable Care Act expands market access and treatable populations, it is becoming harder for pharma marketers to reach patients, particularly with the Sunshine Act. As a result, along with payers and other stakeholders, communications must target patients and caregivers directly and at the local, Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) level.

Decision Resources Group developed PatientFinder—an interactive tool—to support local level patient targeting. It delivers local level disease prevalence, diagnosis and treatment rates alongside insurance status, so you can:

• quantify local-level disease prevalence and the potential
impact of the exchanges and Medicaid expansion;
• identify patient clusters for marketing, disease
management/prevention and education efforts;
• assess risk/opportunity for market expansion and business
development; and
• benchmark diagnosis and treatment rates across markets.

PatientFinder development leveraged assets from across Decision Resources Group’s portfolio of companies—taking market-leading epidemiology data from Decision Resources, lives and benefit data from HealthLeaders-InterStudy and analytical expertise from cross-functional teams. The result: A unique tactical tool that improves ROI and outcomes by targeting campaigns locally and to areas of greatest unmet need.



Jim Zuffoletti, President

OpenQ’s SafeGuard allows pharma and healthcare organizations to collect and analyze social media data from a variety of sources.

Users can:

• collect social media data feeds—for example, internal social media such as SafeGuard Chatter, email and Yammer; and external social media, such as Facebook, blogs and discussion forums;

• archive the feeds in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements;

• analyze data feeds and identify potential risk for mitigation including brand reputation, regulatory (off-label, HIPAA, adverse events), legal (Stark, Anti-Kick Back, FTC), company policy (Human Resources, negative sentiment); and

• use the analysis and identification dashboard to manage cases.

SafeGuard enables pharma to embrace, and benefit from, social collaboration channels that reduce costs, streamline efficiencies and create competitive advantage.

OpenQ developed a core set of best practices and compliance requirements for life sciences and healthcare organizations to mitigate common regulatory and legal social media risks using SafeGuard.



J. Knipper and Company
Steve Gransden, Vice President, Marketing

Knipper has expanded its leading E-Sampling platform (MSC) by developing one of the most robust, versatile and innovative mobile applications in the E-Sampling space. MOBILE provides a convenient method for prescribers to learn about and order samples on their iPad or iPhone. One exclusive feature of MSC Mobile—“Close your AOC”—integrates a highly innovative new method of “Paperless” Acknowledgement of Content (AOC) Processing.

The Prescription Drug Marketing Act requires that when samples are shipped directly to prescribers, they must return a signed form confirming receipt of all samples in the package. Until these forms are received back, the pharmaceutical company cannot fulfill further sample requests. MSC Mobile can scan QR codes printed by Knipper on the packing slip, generating the AOC letter “on screen” to their mobile device. This allows prescribers to sign and submit the AOC instantly using digital signature capture. Aside from obvious savings in postage and forms processing, this insures that additional sample orders can be processed without interruption and greatly reduces the risk of noncompliance for the pharma company.

ADHERENCE APP: Personalized One2One

PSKW Marketing Communications
Chris Dowd, Senior Vice President, Market and Product Development

Personalized One2One is an interactive digital program that increases adherence by strengthening patient/brand relationships. With each new prescription, the physician gives the patient a starter kit containing a computer-readable medium such as a USB drive or CD-ROM. Entry of a unique code by the patient instantly delivers a personalized welcome video from the prescribing physician. After viewing the video, the patient is introduced to a multitude of useful tools, including tutorials about the product and its use, product and safety information, medication guides, etc. Content seen by the patient is updatable with our proprietary Auto Update technology, which keeps the information stream accurate and beneficial. The program also logs behavioral information in aggregate format based on patient interaction, which can be mined for additional information. Finally, using our proprietary Time-Release Messaging technology we send patient-customized messages (surveys, website links, coupons/co-pay offers, and reminders for events, refills, physician visits, etc.) directly to the patient’s desktop throughout the course of therapy.


Point of Care Marketing: Scriptbags

Jeff Garshon, Vice President, Salesand Business Development

When you’re inundated by pharmaceutical ads, a personal recommendation from your doctor goes a long way.

The only advertising platform of its kind, Scriptbags gets brands inside the doctor’s office in a way that both doctors and patients trust. A Scriptbag combines product samples, co-pay cards, prescriptions and information in one bag, making life easier for doctors while empowering consumers. Brands love it because they get exclusive exposure, physician detailing and because consumers are 79% more likely to try a product recommended by their doctors. Doctors love the convenience for their patients. Patients love the contents, education and ease of use.

Scriptbags created a network of over 120,000 doctors under exclusive agreement, giving Scriptbags and its clients access to 70 million consumers nationwide. That network is built on relationships and personal communication. Scriptbags’ team of physician liaisons educates doctors about your brands, and manages everything from delivery and follow-up to collecting valuable feedback. That’s why Nestlé, Sanofi -Aventis, Bayer and others choose Scriptbags to market their brands to doctors and the patients who trust them.


Intouch Solutions
Joey Barnes, Sr. Director, Business Development

As social media evolve, pharma companies seek to balance social engagement with regulation-related risks. Intouch Solutions responds with the only suite of social media products specifically tailored to pharma:

PharmaWall allows pharma to engage on Facebook in a regulatory, friendly social setting. PharmaWall places user-generated content into a moderation queue, hidden from public view. Moderators can accept or reject or send a private response. Published content can be displayed beside safety or legal disclaimers.

share»send»save is the first and only online sharing widget designed specifically for pharma. It allows companies to control how content is shared in social space. share»send»save has been written into the social media policies of several top pharma companies. is a URL shortener that saves space in character-limiting settings like Twitter and controls content displayed alongside links. Additional benefits include the ability to obscure product names or indications, track campaigns and clicks, and display disclaimers. This landmark suite of social media products express Intouch’s nimble, innovative personality and enables pharma companies to effectively and safely capitalize on the benefits of social media.


Noël Ashekian, Mktg Comm Mgr

Viscira, a leading provider of interactive, new-media and technology solutions for the life sciences, was challenged by a top-five pharmaceutical company to develop an innovative selling tool to educate oncologists about an aggressive type of breast cancer and the HER2 biomarker. The solution would address a common error in diagnostic interpretation, allowing the sales force to “bring to life” key educational and marketing messages in a highly visual and impactful manner.

The result was an innovative mobile iPad app with these features:

• Sophisticated interaction and creative design, integrating a stunning 3D representation of a breast cancer tumor which the user can manipulate in various ways.
• Unique graphical overlays enabling the user to view portions of the tumor that are HER2- positive.
• Rich graphics, animated visual effects and on-screen text.

The app has been very positively received by the client’s sales force and by target oncologists. The capabilities of the iPad and of Viscira’s highly effective collaborative development process have been featured in the organization. Key executives have also termed it the “best app deployed to date.”


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