ELITE Marketing Team Stallergenes Greer

U.S. Marketing Team

Stallergenes Greer

Tiffany Ahlers, VP of Marketing

Josh Way, Product Director

Sherry Mikeal, Product Manager

Suzanne Fogleman, Marketing Coordinator

Left to right: Josh Way, Sherry Mikeal, Suzanne Fogleman, and Tiffany Ahlers.

The Formidable Four

The Stallergenes Greer U.S. Marketing Team made more of a mark in less than one year than most pharmaceutical companies can only dream of accomplishing with a team that’s twice their size. Led by Tiffany Ahlers, who is supported by her three dynamic team colleagues—Josh Way, Sherry Mikeal, and Suzanne Fogleman—they:

  • Relaunched ORALAIR®, their five-grass sublingual allergy immunotherapy tablet, to a healthcare professional target audience.
  • Rebranded and repositioned their allergy testing and subcutaneous allergy immunotherapy treatment business.
  • Initiated focused marketing efforts behind their animal health offering.

The relaunch of ORALAIR was particularly impressive because it involved a dramatic strategic shift that required a tremendous amount of research and gutsy marketing decisions. In the midst of creating a new campaign for this brand, digital efforts included a new website and broad media reach into markets. They pushed the envelope by partnering with Facebook and Pandora to reach their targets, and all of this was completed while also realigning, retraining, and redeploying the sales force in October 2016.

While breathing new life into ORALAIR, they harmonized messaging in step with the rest of their portfolio, undertaking a huge strategic initiative to rebrand and reposition their subcutaneous immunotherapy offering. This included the development of yet another new campaign and rollout of complementary marketing/sales materials. As if all of this was not enough to fill their days, the team ended the year by deploying a CRM program to some of their physician targets, leveraging an all-new platform—and that’s just the human allergy side of the business. As a leader in veterinary allergy immunotherapy, they also put into motion initiatives for researching and developing new programs for veterinary dermatologists.

What may seem like an impossible amount of work for many, is no match for these four. Ultimately, over the course of 214 days they completed 12 campaign concepts, nine market research initiatives, six conventions, five business planning meetings, three brand relaunches, two new websites, and one CRM program. Mighty in their momentum, the Stallergenes Greer U.S. Marketing Team is steadfast in their commitment to improving the lives of those who suffer from allergies, both human and animal.


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