ELITE Disrupter Natalie Mancuso of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Natalie Mancuso

Senior Product Manager, Marketing

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.


Creating More Human Solutions

Natalie Mancuso thinks like a true problem-solver. Her first line of thinking is never about budget/bottom line/business goals/etc., but instead about what can be solved on a human level. How to make patients’ lives better? How to make physicians’ jobs easier?

Her most recent example of this comes in the form of an immersive virtual and augmented reality application called “In My Eyes,” which she worked on with agency partner Intouch Solutions. The app allows HCPs and caregivers to experience the daily struggles of living with a retinal disease. While many are confused about their diagnosis, anxious about treatment, and fearful about losing their vision, the app seeks to educate and empower by fostering better communication with their doctor and loved ones.

Natalie is also a very curious person, which helps fuels collaboration and creativity. Her ability to ask the right questions, see things from new angles, and dig into “what if” scenarios—alongside her team and agency partners—make for very productive ideation sessions. For instance, give her a digital sales aid analytics report, and she will ask to break it down by rep ZIP to territory level, overlay sales data, and onboard a third-party prescription data partner to validate that what her team is doing is making an impact. Or give her a CRM messaging recommendation, and she will refine the cadence based on patient journey research and insights.

Additionally, Natalie’s far-reaching knowledge allows her to speak with authority about her company, its competitors, the overall landscape, and the industry in general—at any given moment. Her commitment to the business and the knowledge she develops on the brands she works for is second to none. And her background in the field and sales training gives her the unique ability to fully understand the business challenges that her brands face.

Without Natalie’s dedication and easy-to-work-with disposition, the industry’s first VR/AR app around retinal eye disease might never have seen the light of day—nor would the industry be buzzing about it success.


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