ELITE Launch Expert Tom Hadley of Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Tom Hadley

VP, Head of Marketing

Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Inc.



The Launch Commander

Over the last few years, the pharma industry seems to have developed a failure to launch. An ever-increasing number of products have failed to start on a positive note, and even products that are not out-and-out failures may not be successful enough to contribute to a company’s market growth, or even replace revenue from off-patent drugs. Enter Major Tom.

According to Jeff Meehan, CEO, iCAN (Cancer Action Now), Tom Hadley wasn’t just given the rank of Major—he earned it. During the course of his 25+ career, Major Tom has seen it all: U.S. and global, professional and consumer, managing brands from development to maturity and even authorized generics. He possesses extensive experience working with R&D, was directly responsible for facilitating and managing the pivotal “Gynecology Institute” global advisory panel, and has experience with developing product labels, including Nexplanon and EpiPen. And that long list of experience and expertise doesn’t even include the one area in which he really excels: Launching products.

Tom has launched more than 10 brands globally. Two of his most recent include Xifaxan for IBS-D and Jublia. Perhaps you were one of the 100 plus million people to see either of the two commercials he developed that aired during the past two Super Bowls. In fact, Tom received the DTC Marketer Award in 2015.

“Tom is a top-notch pharmaceutical marketing executive who has ‘really made the grade,’ with a demonstrated record of achievement, leadership, and executing strategies,” Meehan says. “He has a proven and consistent record of superior performance, validated by measurable results and internal promotions throughout career. As it is becoming increasingly difficult to lead a successful launch in our ever-evolving pharmaceutical marketplace, Tom continues to demonstrate that he has what it takes.”


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