ELITE Disrupter Jordan Tavenner of Cambridge BioMarketing

Jordan Tavenner

Art Director

Cambridge BioMarketing



Creating a Community for a Rare Disease

Armed with a deep knowledge of digital design, Jordan Tavenner demonstrated his ability to overcome the challenges posed by the limitations of pharmaceutical promotional regulation. In fact, he worked within them to create some of the best work—digital and non-digital—the agency has developed in its history.

“The man is brilliant,” says Lisa Hazen, Chief Strategy Officer at Cambridge BioMarketing. “He has transformed the way we do digital at Cambridge BioMarketing.”

Jordan launched Intercept LivingwithPBC.com, an award-winning interactive website that portrays the challenges of living with primary biliary cholangitis (PBC) as told through the experiences of the patients themselves. PBC is a rare chronic liver disease, marked by slow progressive destruction of the small bile ducts of the liver, which can lead to cirrhosis. Although many people with PBC do not experience symptoms, when symptoms do occur they can include intense itching of the skin, fatigue, jaundice, and fluid buildup in the ankles and abdomen.

Due to the severity of PBC’s symptoms, it’s especially important for patients to have a collective space to discuss their disease, and to reach out to others who face similar issues. Cue Jordan’s strategic and creative digital toolbox of a mind.

“The patient testimonials are truly what make this resource come to life,” says Megan Dolan, Product Manager at Intercept Pharmaceuticals, partner of the site. “Knowing that we helped create a resource that helps these patients is one thing, but also giving them the ability to connect, engage, and learn about their disease—while also building community with other PBC patients—is even more inspiring.”

Working closely with disciplines including medical strategy, copy, digital strategy, and account, Jordan questioned processes, approaches, and expectations, delivering unique digital properties. Sure, he ruffled a few feathers. Sure, he might have misplaced a couple paragraphs of Important Safety Information (on purpose?). But Jordan brought a sense of purpose, a commitment to excellence, and a never-say-die attitude to creating the best possible product.


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