ELITE Mentor Darrell Wakefield of Bayer

Darrell Wakefield

TKI Franchise Director



The Caring Mentor

Compassion. Values. Presence. Those are just some of the qualities that a good mentor exudes. And Darrell Wakefield has them in spades.

“From the moment you meet Darrell, you immediately feel that he has a genuine interest in getting to know you and caring not only about the value you can bring to his team, but also understanding who you are as a person,” says Latesha Williams-Flynn, EVP, Client Service Director at Concentric Health Experience.

But in order for a mentor to truly be appreciated among his peers, he also needs to prove his own value and consistently show that what he can bring to the table is worth emulating. Darrell does just that. Over the course of his career he has demonstrated a deep understanding of marketing, the marketplace, and his brands. His work often speaks for itself, which allows him to lead by example and set expectations based on his own actions.

And then there is presence. Presence without being intimidating is a skill, yet Darrell does this effortlessly. “Darrell leans in, listens intently, provides guidance and advice, and ultimately lets you know that he is there for you—as a superior, team member, and a marketing partner with his agencies,” Williams-Flynn adds. “And even with a lot of responsibilities on his plate, he remains consistent in his approach and always finds time for anyone who needs him.”

When it comes right down to it, Darrell is someone to aspire to be like.

“Not only because of his professional title, but because at the end of the day you walk away feeling that he is an overall good person who has also put in the work to be great at what he does and still give back to those around him,” Williams-Flynn explains. “Darrell Wakefield is not only a leader in our industry, he is also a mentor—someone who can be described as both is hard to find, but he is it.”


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