ELITE 2020 Disrupter Seth Gordon of EVERSANA™ ENGAGE

Seth Gordon

General Manager


The Agency of the Future

Duke Ellington once said, “A goal is a dream with a finish line.” Seth Gordon had a goal, and he crossed the finish line when EVERSANA ENGAGE launched, totally disrupting the industry’s understanding and expectations of healthcare marketing agencies.

Seth recognized that the agency of the future needs to be adaptive, agile, and reflective of each client’s individual needs. In 2019, he spearheaded the integration of EVERSANA’s marketing synergies and led the launch of EVERSANA ENGAGE, which combines EVERSANA’s market access, healthcare provider, and patient-focused marketing services into a singular entity with more than 170 marketing experts worldwide, creating one of the largest life sciences marketing firms today. From access solutions to branded and unbranded campaigns, the agency offers a strong portfolio of services, including creative, digital, strategy, policy, analytics, and content development.

Seth’s deep understanding of the healthcare industry comes from more than 27 years of experience on both sides of the industry—pharmaceutical and agency. He has extensive U.S. and global product marketing and launch experience and his knowledge of market access reinforces and informs the agency’s approach. Seth wants to ensure the agency will help to accelerate the industry’s shift to patient-centered, value-based care, so they work with clients to design and deliver targeted value while ensuring the best experience for patients.

EVERSANA ENGAGE is also built to support new types of client engagements, specifically emerging biotech and digital therapeutics. These companies are at the forefront of innovation with a diverse set of needs when it comes to commercializing new products and technologies. And, through EVERSANA’s integrated commercial solutions, EVERSANA ENGAGE is uniquely positioned to help clients achieve long-term commercial success. With offices across the U.S. and abroad, EVERSANA ENGAGE professionals can develop disruptive solutions that solve client challenges.

Seth is also a firm believer of building a culture that unites employees and reinforces the work they do in making a difference in the lives of the patients served. He was one of the ambassadors who created the core seven cultural beliefs upheld across EVERSANA: 1. Patient Minded. 2. Client Delight. 3. Take Action. 4. Grow Talent. 5. Win Together. 6. Communication Matters. 7. Own It.


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