ELITE 2020 Disrupter Matt Giegerich of The Inception Company

Matt Giegerich


The Inception Company

A New Way to Conduct Virtual Meetings

Matt Giegerich was intrigued by the new virtual platform that Doug Mack, the Founder of The Inception Company, wanted to bring to market. He knew that the world was changing, and that virtual technology was going to become more engrained in every business’ DNA, but he also saw the challenges of traditional virtual and its inability to meet all the demands of the future. After a 17-year career as the CEO of Ogilvy CommonHealth, he understood only too well the broad spectrum of meetings that life sciences companies conducted each year. Matt wanted to give them an opportunity to increase engagement by creating the experience of an in-person meeting delivered seamlessly to a remote audience.

In September 2017, Matt joined The Inception Company as CEO and began laying out his strategy. His focus was multi-pronged: To introduce the new virtual technology platform, Pando, to pharma and medical communication companies for diverse use cases; to strengthen the internal organization by adding new roles and hiring new people to ensure the company could operationalize its ever-growing business; to continue to support and develop the company’s other critical offerings which include web conferences, webcasts, creative video production, production and broadcasting, and nationwide meeting services; and to continue to invest in technology to ensure the company remains on the cutting edge.

To help, he brought his long-term colleague and friend, Shaun Urban, on board in January 2018 as President, as well as Damon Gambuto, a highly regarded executive producer, to lead the New York office and video production services. Under Matt’s leadership, the company has almost doubled in size in both the number of employees and in revenue. And today Pando is a solution of choice for more than 75 pharma companies and medical communications agencies, as well as some key companies outside of the life sciences industries. The platform has been used for a wide range of needs, including training of all kinds; advisory boards for HCPs, patients, and pharmacists; clinical trial updates; medical affairs scientific insight meetings; POA meetings; sales and marketing strategy; market access updates; awards presentations; CME; and more.


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