AI Pioneer Rainbird Technologies Names Klick Health as its Exclusive North American Life Sciences Partner

Klick Health and Rainbird AI Partnership

Rainbird Technologies and Klick Health today announced an exclusive, new partnership that will bring Rainbird’s proven Decision Intelligence platform to life sciences companies across North America, reinforcing both companies’ success working in highly regulated industries.

As the exclusive Rainbird service partner in life sciences, Klick will pair its industry-leading knowledge, data, and tools with Rainbird’s decision intelligence automation platform to eliminate organizational bottlenecks and maximize opportunities for biopharmaceutical organizations bringing life-saving therapies to market.

Focused on enhancing patient data analysis, optimizing clinical trial designs, and helping navigate the industry’s ever-evolving regulatory landscape, Klick will leverage the Rainbird AI platform and its unique capability to simulate human-like reasoning without losing accuracy, speed, or scalability. Unlike “bottom up” machine learning systems that try to learn from past approvals, Rainbird uses a “top down” decision intelligence approach that starts with policies and procedures, and how they relate, before reasoning its way to approval decisions. This approach is more useful for new brands, companies, and whenever change happens and previous approvals don’t exist or are no longer accurate. Rainbird can make decisions and explain how it got to its conclusions by applying logic.

Rainbird’s platform is used by the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. It is also used globally in other regulated sectors, including financial and legal services, and is distinguished by its ability to deliver automation that’s intelligent with an additional layer of transparency and explainability.

James Duez, Rainbird Co-Founder and CEO, said their cutting-edge technology gives clients a major advantage over other AI solutions where compliance with regulations is paramount. “We’re thrilled to join forces with Klick Health to drive exponential value in life sciences commercialization,” said Duez. “With our decision intelligence platform and Klick’s deep industry expertise, we are delivering trusted and transparent solutions in an era where explainability of AI is now critical. Together, we are empowering the next generation of solutions for life science clients.”

Klick’s EVP of Data Science Alfred Whitehead said, “Our partnership will usher in a new era of data-driven pharma commercialization—one that is powered by Rainbird’s intelligent automation decision intelligence and guided by Klick’s deep expertise in life sciences. He added, “This technology has already made significant impacts in other sectors, and its utility and adaptability will create tremendous opportunities for life sciences.”

Whitehead added, “We believe that leading with Rainbird’s decision intelligence approach, supported with large language models provided by platforms like OpenAI, Microsoft, AWS, and Google, will ultimately lead to the best results for our clients.”

Today’s news further bolsters Klick’s leadership in the AI and machine learning space. Last month, it announced groundbreaking research, published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings: Digital Health, around the AI model it created to detect Type 2 diabetes using 10 seconds of voice. Klick also recently launched the first ChatGPT plugin for life sciences companies in the U.S. and the first AI tool to be developed by an advertising agency to expedite project planning and increase the efficiency and velocity of delivery to clients.


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