Klick Health Launches First ChatGPT Plugin for Life Sciences Industry in U.S.

Life sciences professionals can now easily and quickly obtain industry payments to any healthcare professional (HCP) in the U.S. by simply entering their National Provider Identifier (NPI) into a newly launched ChatGPT plugin from Klick Health. Built on OpenAI, KlickRx ChatGPT is the first ChatGPT plugin available for life sciences companies in the U.S. The plugin is free to use for ChatGPT Plus subscribers, which separately costs $20 a month.

“For over two decades we have used data internally to better empower and enable our people,” says Leerom Segal, Group Chairman and CEO at Klick. “But we’ve also been building a corporate corpus that’s been developed in anticipation that this very moment would arrive—not necessarily generative artificial intelligence—but a time when people are ready to really embrace machine learning. And our internal dataset is at the heart of why Klick executes so much more consistently and predictably than our competition.”

Klick’s proprietary database is called MedOcean, which consolidates data from many different sources, including the open payments disclosure program as well as the latest information on medications, regulatory actions, financial filings, chemical properties, social media, and other industry areas of interest to create a holistic picture of the life sciences industry and glean important insights.

KlickRx ChatGPT only pulls information from the open payments data within MedOcean on Klick’s servers, so according to Klick’s Executive Vice President of Applied Science Alfred Whitehead this “plugin gives life sciences professionals an opportunity to explore a tiny sliver of our MedOcean data to access and use important industry data within ChatGPT in practical, new ways.”

The other advantage of only pulling data from Klick’s MedOcean database is users should feel safe to trust the information they receive.

“By using the plugin, you’re able to bypass all of the risk you read about with these large language models, namely dealing with data that is not always the most current or the issue with hallucinations,” Segal says. “Users are seeing near real-time information, so they can trust this is an accurate mechanism.”

To use the KlickRx ChatGPT plugin, you must:

  1. Sign up for ChatGPT Plus
  2. Log into ChatGPT Plus, and go to GPT-4
  3. Choose Plugins, then Plugin Store
  4. Search for KlickRx and install the free plugin
  5. Simply ask ChatGPT about an NPI number and receive results in seconds

In a demo, Whitehead showed how by entering an HCP’s NPI number in ChatGPT, the plugin would generate a list of all of that HCP’s industry payments. From there, users can further interact with ChatGPT to re-arrange or better visualize that data. For example, you can ask ChatGPT to arrange the data by company. Or, if you have a third-party visualization plugin like Diagrams, which is also available for free for ChatGPT Plus subscribers, you can ask the data to be turned into a graphic of your choice and receive the result almost instantly. Users can also export the data to use in their own programs outside of ChatGPT.

“We think this natural language connection, where there’s no spreadsheet and no code, and you are just using plain old English to talk to the different datasets is going to be a powerful new way for companies to interact with data,” Whitehead says.

In terms of potential use cases, Klick’s Chief Medical Officer Holly Henry says the plugin “holds tremendous opportunities for medical affairs, commercial, and market access teams.” For example, it can be especially useful in the identification of key opinion leaders (KOLs) and digital opinion leaders (DOLs)

“As we work with various clients for KOL or DOL identification, one of the things we will look for is the payment information, so we can strategically determine who are the best KOLs and DOLs to recommend for various engagements” Henry explains. “It also helps us to accurately give clients recommendations based on where KOLs or DOLs might be interacting with other brands.”

Henry adds that Klick’s MedOcean database gives them much more insights beyond payment information, and Klick has other proprietary tools they can use to very quickly and efficiently aggregate large amounts of data to answer strategic questions from clients. Because Klick has a lot more data at its fingertips, Segal says you can expert more offerings down the road.

“This will be the first of many of what we’ll be announcing over the coming weeks with plans around compliance, Med/Reg/Legal, and more,” Segal says. “But our goal with this one is to get people to start playing with these capabilities so they can start to appreciate how transformative these tools can be.”


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