A 24-Hour Challenge with Lasting Effects


What can you accomplish in 24 hours? Minneapolis-based StoneArch puts that question to the test annually in its 24-hour pro-bono event, the RedEye Rebrand. Each year, StoneArch takes one day to dedicate it’s time, talent and resources to a Twin Cities nonprofit in need of a complete rebrand to help further their mission.

This year, StoneArch partnered with Magic Arms for the World, a nonprofit dedicated to providing 3D-printed technology to children with debilitating neuromuscular arm impairments. The Magic Arms device is a gravity-balancing exoskeleton that empowers children with limited arm movement to do everyday things such as feed themselves, reach their toys and hug the people they love. Visits from actual children in need of Magic Arms inspired both teams to stay focused and motivated.

The Magic Arms team was presented with several tools to support their marketing efforts: Marketing communications recommendations, videos, a logo, a brand identity, a website, a social media toolkit and additional communications collateral.

Since the first RedEye Rebrand, recipient organizations have collectively gained more than $225,000 in additional donations and have been covered by numerous media outlets. Previous winner, The Bridge for Youth, called their RedEye Rebrand experience transformative. For StoneArch, providing this community service gives the agency a sense of purpose and inspiration that lasts well beyond the 24 hours.


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