The Powerful Allure of New Technology

Welcome to our first-ever Tech Issue! Just how important is technology to life sciences companies? In Indegene’s 2023 “Future-Ready Trends in Life Sciences” report—which surveyed 110 employees from pharma/biotech and medical device/medical technology companies in roles that span practically every aspect of a company—“leading the industry in adopting emerging technologies” ranked as one of respondents’ top three priorities. In fact, 47% said it was a very high priority. And 55% said they are somewhat motivated in adopting new technology in order to defend from disruptive technology companies entering healthcare.

Unsurprisingly, “adopting data and digital technology, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and automation” ranked as respondents’ most important component in building a future-ready organization and 95% said “applied AI” held the highest potential for impact. We found our readers also share that same fervent passion for AI when we asked them to respond to our own set of questions about tech trends. Click here to find six areas they feel AI is sure to disrupt. Plus, we share more responses here about how AI can be used right now, what other technology will have an impact, and if Big Tech’s dalliances with healthcare concern them.

But AI isn’t the only technology we dig into. You can also learn much more about the opportunities for marketers in Connected TV (CTV) and streaming. Baron Harper and Lindsay Reardon from The Trade Desk point out that CPG giant Unilever has been able to find its target audience 12 times more effectively in part thanks to CTV. And while Justin Chase of EVERSANA INTOUCH Media agrees that CTV may still be a good long-term buy, he argues marketers have a unique window of time—within the next 12 to 24 months—in which eyeballs will be shifting away from streaming in part due to content issues caused by the strike. What channels will instead have those eyeballs’ attention? Click here to find out.

We also explore the metaverse and whether it’s the right space for pharma. Some have already declared it dead considering how much money Meta has lost, while others—including Meta—are still charging ahead to create this virtual world. See what our 10 experts think. New technology is always alluring and full of promise. Which tech will actually hold the key to future success and which will prove to be nothing but hype? We hope this Tech Issue helps you arrive at the right decisions.


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