PM360 2018 Innovative Service STATInsights from VIVO Agency


VIVO Agency

Teresa Sánchez, Director, Strategy and Research

C-suite members, the final decision makers in hospital selection processes for devices, diagnostics, and IT systems, have long been frustrated by the lack of health tech products that neither meet nor message to their needs. In turn, health tech marketers are frustrated because the C-suite is the hardest-to-reach, least understood target. To fix this problem, VIVO Agency sought to bring health tech marketers and the C-suite together with a medium that makes sense. STATInsights, comprised of an online panel of C-suite KOLs, provides the ultimate solution with bite-sized, actionable insights and answers in near real time.

Marketers can now ask pointed questions, pressure test strategies, and even get feedback on creative campaigns, helping them articulate value that is far more relevant and motivating than before. STATInsights is a powerful vehicle that allows hand-selected C-suite executives to inform and guide industry’s innovation.

C-suite KOLs are excited to be a part of STATInsights, having finally found a way to have their needs met. As one member put it, “These companies just don’t know us. They are innovating in a vacuum.” Since July of 2018, VIVO held three virtual symposia and received robust insights from the panel regarding STATInsights, which led to two position papers that have been shared with the industry. These papers generated a major article (“Three Strategies to Avoid Medical Device Commoditization”) published in the October 2018 issue of MedTech Strategist.


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