Every industry has an elite. And this group is not necessarily the ones who make the most money or have the most responsibilities. They do not need to be in the ruling class. They just need to flat out rule. And that may be the perfect way to describe the 2018 PM360 ELITE (Exceptional Leaders, Innovators, Transformers, and Entrepreneurs) winners. People who just flat out rule.

Now in its fourth year, the PM360 ELITE 100 continues to recognize individuals and teams in the healthcare and life sciences industries who are making the most impact. The people, who throughout their career, have demonstrated an ability to not just thrive, but dominate. Who push to establish new firsts that become standards. Motivate others to follow in their footsteps. And show why they may someday be the ones running things—if they aren’t already.

Take for example, this year’s Uber ELITE winner. Dr. Anita Goel is the CEO of Nanobiosym Diagnostics, a company developing handheld diagnostic machines to identify HIV, Ebola, and a range of serious diseases in minutes. Her work represents the convergence of physics, nanotechnology, and biomedicine, and she is currently working to put Nanobiosym’s innovative system, Gene-RADAR, into use in some of the world’s poorest countries and depressed areas of developed countries.

You can hear how Dr. Goel will achieve that directly from her at this year’s ELITE Awards Party at Manhattan’s 230 FIFTH on Tuesday, July 10. The rest of the ELITE 100 will also be there, so read on to find out exactly why these people rule.

The ELITE Awards honors people in the following 17 categories:

Leaders of the Future: Up-and-comers who display the characteristics of an emerging leader.

Entrepreneurs: Visionary risk-takers who develop new companies to answer unmet needs.

Transformational Leaders: People who change the way companies operate.

Patient Advocates: Those who make sure patients’ voices are heard and needs are met. 

Disrupters: Fearless individuals who disrupt the status quo to revolutionize the industry.

Mentors: The role models others aspire to emulate.

PR Gurus: Communication experts who are masters at spreading news and good publicity.

Strategists: People with a sixth sense for what works—and the ability to predict what the industry needs to do to remain relevant.

Tech-know Geeks: Innovators who spearhead technological breakthroughs that reshape the industry.

Master Educators: People who revolutionize the way patients/doctors learn and absorb information.

Drug Research and Developers: The scientists, researchers, and clinical trial experts who are moving the industry forward.

Data Miners: Individuals who specialize in analytics and can turn hordes of numbers and research into actionable insight.

Launch Experts: Marketers with significant success in bringing a new drug to market or in revitalizing markets for an older drug.

Digital Crusaders: Those who advance digital channel applications or platforms to transform marketing and/or company operations.

Creative Directors: Marketers known for their daring creative and jealousy-inducing campaigns.

Sales MVPs: Company sales leaders who do an outstanding job of building revenue and nurturing company growth.

Marketing Teams: Teams that have achieved great marketing success together as a group.

The 2018 ELITE Winners


Anita Goel, MD, PhD, Founder and CEO, Nanobiosym Diagnostics

Creative Directors

Nick Capanear, Executive Creative Director, GSW, a Syneos Health company

Lacey Jae Christman, Creative Director, Carling Communications

James Hackett, Creative Director, INVIVO Communications Inc.

Yoon K. Kang, Sr. Manager, Sr. Manager, LYRICA Marketing U.S. Marketing U.S., Pfizer

Brit Till, EVP, Executive Creative Director, The Bloc

Data Miners

Karthic Bala, Chief Data Officer, Condé Nast

Kevin Johnson, President, W2O marketeching

Scott Nesbitt, Chief Analytics, Insights & Strategy Officer, PatientPoint

Brian Reid, Managing Director, W2O Group

Anastasia Zamyshlyaeva, Co-Founder & Chief Architect, Reltio

Digital Crusaders

Ryad Ali, Head of Medical Digital Strategy, Novartis

Lyle Burling, Sr. Account Director, C3i Solutions

John Canevari, SVP, Director of Digital Experience and Technology, The Bloc

Ashleigh Chung, Client Partner – Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook

Annemarie Crivelli, Director, Digital Services Group, Cambridge BioMarketing

Gilberto Gil, Senior Manager, Consumer Marketing and Digital CoE, LEO Pharma Inc.

Kokil Tandon, Senior Manager, Value & Access, Amgen


Nancy Ibach, Consumer Director, U.S. Oncology Marketing, Merck & Co.

Tyler James, Senior Vice President, Video Production, Snow Companies

Rick Kates, Senior Director, Business Model Innovation, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.

Mike Marett, Founder & CEO, Confideo

Darla Posey, Associate Director, Oncology Marketing, Novartis

Tara Vanderloo, Vice President, Customer Success, Sensei Labs

Risa Wexler, VP Media, Digital Chops, Innovation Sprint Lab, Pfizer Inc.

Drug Researcher and Developer

Ann Kwong, PhD, CEO, President, and Co-founder, Trek Therapeutics, PBC


Edward C. Allegra, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, BioLum Sciences

Olivier Chateau, CEO and Co-founder, Health Union

Suresh Katta, Founder and CEO, Saama Technologies

Eric Peacock, Co-founder and CEO, MyHealthTeams

Brad Schaeffer, CEO, Founder, roz

Chris Schelling, CEO & Founder, Acer Therapeutics

Jim Weiss, Founder and CEO, W2O Group

Launch Experts

Kim Gariepy, Senior Director, Mydayis Commercial Lead, Neuroscience Division, Shire

Therese A. Heimbold, Senior Marketing Director, Galen US Incorporated

Frances Pascavage, Associate Director, Adjuvant Indication Lead, Novartis Oncology

Cherie Staats, Director, Managed Markets Marketing, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Brenda Vujanic, COO, Benchworks

Ryan Wallace, Marketing Director, Glaucoma Franchise, Bausch + Lomb

Leaders of the Future

Carolyn Atchison, Director, Access, Pricing & Advocacy, ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Luigi Camacho, Supervisor (Media Planning), Healix

Max Levin, Senior Product Manager, U.S. Marketing Brexpiprazole, Lundbeck LLC

Joseph Lyons, Senior Product Manager, HCP Marketing, Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc.

Monica Nieves, Business Planning Leader, AstraZeneca

Taylor Porter, Account Supervisor, Benchworks

Marketing Teams

Clovis Market Access Team, Clovis Oncology, Agency Partners: Entrée Health, Analysis Group, and A.L.L. Global Media Solutions (now part of SSCG Media Group)

Eucrisa Cross Functional Team, Pfizer, Agency Partners: FCB, Carat, GCI

Genentech Multiple Sclerosis HCP Marketing, Genentech, Agency Partner: Heartbeat

PRALUENT® Market Access Team, Sanofi US and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Agency Partner: Entrée Health

Promius Dermatology Marketing Team, Promius Pharma, Agency Partners: CultHealth and Greater Than One Inc.

The DUPIXENT® (dupilumab) Patient Marketing Team, Regeneron and Sanofi Genzyme, Agency Partners: Snow Companies, Arnold, and MicroMass Communications

Tresiba® Marketing Team, Novo Nordisk, Agency Partner: CultHealth

Master Educators

Amparo Gonzalez, Senior Director Global Professional Education, Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Care Companies

Sachin Makani, PhD, Scientific Director, Virgo Health


Dan Guinipero, Director, Cardiovascular Marketing, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Jim Pellettiere, Marketing Director, Amgen

Jane Richter, SVP, Account Management, Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide, a WPP Health & Wellness company

Patient Advocates

Alisha Bridges, Psoriasis Advocate, Founder, Being Me in My Own Skin, HealthCentral Social Ambassador, Remedy Health Media

JD Davids, Director of Strategic Communications and Senior Editor, TheBody/TheBodyPRO, Remedy Health Media

The Takeda Oncology Patient Leadership Council, Takeda Oncology

PR Gurus

Emily Shirden, Partner, Midwest Health, Finn Partners

Christina Zoppi, Director, Communications, Neuroscience, U.S. Pharma, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Sales MVPs

Angie Miller, Senior Vice President, Client Partnerships, MedThink, Inc.

Amy Pamus, Senior Vice President, Client Services, Carling Communications


Eric Densmore, Senior Vice President, Account Director, AbelsonTaylor

Holly H. Henry, PhD, Chief Medical Officer, Klick Health

Kevin Holowicki, EVP, Managing Director, Spark Foundry

Chris Horvath, Director of Marketing, Prostate Cancer Franchise, Bayer Pharmaceutical

Traver Hutchins, Chief Growth Officer, PatientPoint

Garth McCallum-Keeler, Managing Partner, Chief Strategy Officer, Calcium

Jerrold McRae, Senior Manager, U.S. Marketing, Pfizer Inc.

Arvashni Seeripat, Director, Gilenya® Consumer & Patient Services Marketing, Novartis

Jess Seilheimer, SVP, Strategic Development, Intouch Solutions

Johanna Skilling, Head of Planning, Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide, a WPP Health & Wellness company

Tech-know Geeks

Paul Kallukaran, EVP, Performance Analytics and Data Sciences, CMI/Compas

Greg Matthews, Managing Director, Healthcare Analytics Innovation, W2O

Jason Sankey, Technology Director Innovation, GSW, a Syneos Health company

Transformational Leaders

Rachel Berman, RD, General Manager, Verywell

Patricia Brown, Executive Director of Marketing, Merck & Co., Inc.

Faruk Capan, Founder and CEO, Intouch Solutions

John Ciccio, President, Skipta

Herm Cukier, CEO, BioDelivery Sciences

Joe DePinto, President, Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions

Jacki Dioguardi, Vice President of U.S. Commercial Business Technology Solutions, AbbVie

Jeffrey D. Erb, President, Healix

Lea Farstveet, Director, Marketing, Pfizer Inc.

Ken Freirich, President, Health Monitor Network

Rachel Loui, Head of Strategy, Business Development, and Customer Insights at Innolab Digital Health Venture Fund & Incubator and Founder of Hacking Fears

Sean Maenpaa, Director, Early Commercial Strategy, Novartis Oncology

Jennifer Mason, MPH, SVP, H.E.L.P (Health Education, Learning and Patient Support), Snow Companies

Linda Matthews, President, BioCare, Inc.

Jessica McCarthy, Vice President, Global Marketing & Communications, Singulex, Inc.

Jay Newman, Head of U.S. Market Access, Spark Therapeutics

Doug Noland, Head, Patient Experience, Astellas US

Kevin S. Paris, Director, Marketing Operations – SCRIPTs Department, Merck

Dan Renick, President, Precision Value & Health

Michele Schimmel, Director of Healthcare, Marina Maher Communications, RXMOSAIC

Lee Termini, President, U.S. Market Access & Reimbursement, ICON Access, Commercialisation & Communications

Michael J. Valenta, Executive Director, Oncology Organized Customer Marketing, Access and Reimbursement (OCAR), Merck & Co., Inc.


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