ELITE 2018 Leader of the Future Taylor Porter of Benchworks

Taylor Porter

Account Supervisor


Invaluable Account Partner

“Taylor Porter joined our account team at Benchworks while I was on maternity leave,” explains Michelle Jamison, Account Supervisor at Benchworks. “When I returned, Taylor, Emil Andrusko (team lead), and I sat down to review next steps. I remember Taylor asking if she would transition off the team now that I was back, and Emil instantly saying, ‘We’re not letting you go; you aren’t going anywhere.’”

That anecdote helps to illustrate the impact Taylor has already made at Benchworks in her less than four years there. But the impression is not just with the people she works with, but the brands she works for. Starting as a Project Manager, she quickly progressed to Account Executive for a prominent Benchworks client, leading support for three brands. Under Taylor’s leadership for the past three years, her accounts expanded to make up 13% of total agency revenue. Business for her accounts grew 101% year over year while maintaining average gross margins of 60%. Taylor was also a valuable asset as Benchworks evolved their work for and relationship with this client overall, increasing the proportion of tactical/strategic and creative work executed for them.

“Taylor has been an outstanding business partner for our brand through her proactive thinking and approach to planning and execution,” says Eric Lowell Blom, Marketing Director, Trumenba, Pfizer. “Over the past year she has helped shape customer engagement strategies through new ‘channels’ of business for our team and the output was directly impacted by her willingness to imbed herself with our team as one who not just says she is part of our team, but truly acts in that way.”

More recently, Taylor was instrumental in landing a new multimillion dollar account. Benchworks was named Agency of Record for this client’s oncology and long-term care products—multimillion dollar accounts that will total roughly 33% of agency revenue in 2018. Taylor’s thoroughness, as well as her ability to think broadly about opportunities, were essential during the RFP process. That’s why, following the win, Taylor was promoted to Account Supervisor, and she now leads the oncology account for this client.


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