Every year, PM360 showcases some of the best creative work from life sciences companies and their agencies from the past year. But we also feature some of the best artwork from those within the industry. Seen above are our favorite runners-up to our annual cover competition of original artwork from those working within the industry (you can view our pick for the cover here).

The above pieces are (clockwise from top left): “Winter” by Jodi Augustine (Associate Creative Director, Marketing & Communications, Intouch Solutions); “Striking Sun Rays at Daybreak in Costa Rica” by Adam Kondos (Creative Director, ICON plc); “Eden” by Hannah Cunningham (Senior Illustrator, FCB Health Network); “Raining Cats and Dogs” by Erin Eby (Associate Creative Director, Hill Holliday Health); Silhouette Study #1 “Cat” by Phil Winn (Art Director, MicroMass Communications, Inc.); “98 Years” by Sarah Hirschey (Associate Project Manager, Entrée Health New York); “Revelry” by Kelly Sullivan (Senior Designer, W2O); Ezra Pound, 1923 “a man on whom the sun has gone down” by Andrew Reynolds (Group Copy Supervisor, Biolumina); and “One-sided” by Chris Panila (Group Art Supervisor, Ogilvy Health).

Now, back to our Greatest Creators Showcase of creative work done for the industry. Here are our 18 selections of the best submissions we received this year. Each company explains the creative process behind their campaign and lists the people responsible for working on it.




MACI – “It’s Your Move” Campaign

The desire to move is in the heart and soul of every athlete.

The “It’s Your Move” campaign taps into this shared psyche with five-time Olympic swimmer and fitness expert, Dara Torres.

She’s overcome plenty, including knee pain. Now, she’s back on top of her game, thanks to MACI knee cartilage repair and her own dogged determination.

Her dramatic comeback is reinforced by the use of black-and-white imagery and the MACI yellow motion lines that flow from her movements from one workout scenario to the next.

Dara channels that tenacity, challenging everyday athletes with knee pain to make their own comeback with MACI.

And the results? Overall, the campaign garnered 1.3MM video plays with 2x the national click through rate. About 150,000 users engaged with our Facebook posts within the first two months. And visitors are spending close to two minutes on the campaign landing page.

Without a doubt, the “It’s Your Move” campaign has moved our target.

Agency Team:
Executive Creative Director: Stephen Neale
Group Creative Director: Andy McAfee
Creative Directors:  Kevin Kustra, Caren Spigland
Copywriters: Arman Khavari, Ashley Sprowl
Art Directors: Kelsey Bailey, Theo Hild
Project Management: Beth Lodge, Will Ivancic
Agency Producers: Mitch Apley, Melissa Taylor, Claire Connelly
Production Affairs: Kathy Kraft
Account: Kristen McGirk, Lauren Penzell, Ben Solochek, Kelly Mendola
Print Production: Corey Lewis
Engagement Strategy: Karen Kopitzke, Dhara Naik
Account Planner: Vijay Mali
UX: Leah Shanholtz

Production, Editing, Animation, Color & Finishing: The Mill+, Chicago



Burson Cohn & Wolfe

Test Your Cancer Super Bowl Ad

We’re used to hearing about cancer treatments in relation to a tumor’s location, such as breast or lung, but now we are focusing on its genomic make-up as part of a shift from traditional, one-size-fits all medicine to a more personalized approach called “precision” medicine. Genomic cancer testing is the only way to paint a clear picture of the alterations within a tumor’s genomic make-up, harnessing the power of precision medicine.

Bayer is tackling awareness of genomic cancer testing with Test Your Cancer, an initiative encouraging people to speak to a doctor about testing their (or a loved one’s) cancer.

To kick-off awareness efforts, Bayer had an advertisement in the 2019 Super Bowl LIII Game Official Program, highlighting that cancer treatment “shouldn’t be a coin toss,” like the start of the game, but rather an educated decision informed by a genomic cancer test.

As so many are somehow touched by cancer, and with prominent placement on page two, we had a unique opportunity to drive the 3.6M readers and 500M NFL.com viewers to TestYourCancer.com.

As a result, the website saw a 3x spike in visitors, sizable jump in registrations and doctor discussion guide downloads, and the campaign was featured on FiercePharma.com.

Bayer Team:
Oncology Patient Marketing Lead: Cynthia North
Director, Strategic Marketing Lead, Oncology: JJ Ferrer
Corporate Communications, Oncology: Rose Talarico
Management Associate: Mary-Margaret Lopez
Vice President: Sunil Joshi
Vice President of Marketing, U.S. Oncology Preceptor: Johannes Becher
U.S. Head of Marketing: Simon Rosof
Commercial Head, U.S. Companion Diagnostics (CDx): Kunal Chokshi
Deputy Director, Marketing, Oncology, and Companion Diagnostics: John Hull
Director of Marketing, Oncology: Gareth Perks

Agency Team: Burson Cohn & Wolfe, Healthcare



Horizon Pharma

aggNETic Attraction: Changing Long-standing Perceptions About Gout

In 2018, Horizon launched the aggNET Interactive Visual Aid (IVA), an animated, interactive experience to help the sales team communicate to healthcare professionals (HCPs) how bone erosion can occur in gout despite pain resolution.

In creating awareness of the aggNET story and prompting urgency in treating gout, the aggNET IVA helps physicians identify patients who require a more aggressive gout treatment strategy so they can avoid continued gout progression and bone erosion.

Horizon developed the aggNETic Attraction campaign to work within the realities of HCPs’ busy schedules. With a single tap, sales representatives can make brief sales calls more meaningful by navigating to shorter story arcs within the IVA that are most relevant to the HCP being called on.

The success of the aggNET IVA has spurred Horizon to invest in telling the aggNET story across other marketing channels. A branded, interactive, web-based version of the aggNET story, which was developed from the aggNET IVA’s codebase, also launched in 2018.

Throughout the aggNETic Attraction campaign, a host of user-driven decisions made the experience intuitive. Offering an intuitive experience enables each of the aggNET IVA’s primary users—the KRYSTEXXA sales force and rheumatologists—to dedicate more time and attention to the messages within the experience and less time learning how to navigate it.

Agency Team:
Group Account Director: Amy Klug
Manager of Interactive Technology: Ray Pellicore
Senior Technical Architect: Todd Kneedy
Associate Creative Director: Dan Morrill
Art Director: Teresa Fabila
Creative Director: Jon Sarmiento
Motion Media Director: Dan Pedersen
VP Creative: Dave Reidy
Senior Interactive Animator: Scott Swineford
Senior Strategist: Zach Howard

Client Team:
Director, Rheumatology Marketing: Michael Nagro
Vice President, Rheumatology Marketing: Ingrid McPhilliamy



Simon’s Heart

“Protect Your Heart”

Dudnyk partnered with Philadelphia-based, nonprofit Simon’s Heart to help raise awareness of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA)—the #1 killer of student athletes. After losing their son to SCA, the founders of Simon’s Heart are leading the mission to save the lives of children by raising awareness and encouraging action. Dudnyk recognized the need to create a compelling campaign that would stop parents in their tracks, breaking through complacency and showcasing the dire nature of SCA.

The campaign features three different stark and solemn athletic settings: A football field, a basketball court, and a swimming pool. Each setting is marked with the headstone of a student athlete—another lost heart—while the attention-grabbing headline rests heavily on the ground.

The multichannel initiative included print, digital, and social tactics that drove to protectphillyhearts.com, a custom landing page that encouraged parents to register their children for a free local screening event provided by Simon’s Heart. In just six weeks, the campaign met its goal by reaching full capacity, with more than 200 teens registered. The campaign even led to potentially lifesaving results—two teens were found to have possible underlying conditions that could result in SCA.

Agency Team:
EVP, Creative Director: Laurie Bartolomeo
EVP, Creative Producer: John Kemble
VP, Creative Director: Kristin Morris
Director of Creative Operations: Whitney Bender
Director of Technology: Jay Zaun
Senior Art Director: Caitlin Degnan
Copywriter: Skylar Rack
VP, Digital Strategy: Nicole Brandt
VP, Group Account Director: Heather Drahos
Account Executive: Ashley Jones
Project Manager: Tamara Branch-Rouse

Client Team
Simon’s Heart Co-Founder & Simon’s Dad: Darren Sudman



Galen US Inc.

SYNERA: Stop the Sting

For some people, the idea of the pain of a needle stick is debilitating. And for others, like pediatric oncology patients or women undergoing infertility treatments, the sheer number, size, or frequency of the needle-stick pain becomes an issue. Yet many HCPs don’t know the extent of how much their patients dread needle-stick pain—or that it can be bad enough that they don’t get medically necessary treatments.

The objective of the Stop the Sting campaign was to help build awareness of just how bad the problem seems to some patients, and to position SYNERA, the novel heat-activated pain patch, as the best solution to help those people cope, and continue on with their treatment. The drama and eye-catching nature of the “scorpion” was the right tone and the right metaphor to trigger discussion with HCPs. It provided them with an idea of how many of their patients view even a simple injection—with fear and anxiety—and reinforced the urgent need to do something about it to help.

Agency Team:
Creative Director: Tara Powers
Client Engagement: Taylor Myers-Ackerman
Practice Lead, Client Delivery: Erin Hlivia
Chief Creative Officer: Barry Schmader
Managing Partner: Frank X. Powers

Client Team:
Sr. Marketing Director: Therese A. Heimbold, R.N., B.S.N.
Product Manager: Sarah Augustine
Manager Commercial Projects: Shannon Rittenhouse

Excitant Healthcare Advertising

Excitant Healthcare Advertising

Zoetis US Diagnostics

WITNESS “Simplicity” campaign

“We have a better test, how can we communicate that to veterinarians?” was the question posed to Excitant. In comparing the products, it was obvious the WITNESS test procedure had fewer steps and produced faster results than the market-leading competitor from Idexx. This made WITNESS clearly a better choice for the busy environment of a veterinarian’s office where dozens of these tests are performed each day.

What then started out as visually mapping the procedure steps for each test led to the creative inspiration of “white board”-like video comparing and contrasting the steps and the time it takes to complete each test. The closing line for the video: “Simplify your lab. Simplify your life.” concisely communicates both a call to action and the promise of switching to WITNESS tests. The campaign then expanded to professional print and digital advertising as well as direct email marketing to veterinarians and veterinary nurses and technicians.

Thus far the individual elements (print and video) have won 2018 Rx Club Awards and the overall campaign took home a Silver Medal in the integrated campaign category at the 2019 VETTYs, the only awards show exclusively for veterinary marketing.

Agency Team:
President: Mark Perlotto
Account Service: Catherine Martin
Creative Director: Brian Allex
Copywriter: Chris Crane
Animators: we monsters

Client Team:     
Marketing Director: Chris Demiris
Associate Product Manager: Laura Draghici
Marketing Communications: Keena Lykins



Endo Pharmaceuticals

XIAFLEX®: “The Key to Success”

Peyronie’s disease (PD) is a connective tissue disorder which causes a man’s erect penis to bend to such a degree that sex becomes painful or impossible. It can harm lives and destroy relationships. Consequently, patients are often misdiagnosed (e.g., with erectile dysfunction [ED]) and the time to diagnosis and treatment can be long.

Sparking conversations between HCPs and potential patients was critical—59% of urologists said that their patients with PD found it difficult or extremely difficult to talk about their condition with a urologist. That led us to our strategic idea: CURVE THE CONVERSATION.

Our campaign provided HCPs with a memorable iconic visual depicting a moment in time to illustrate the impact a man’s curved erection can have on his life and relationships. We worked with a pre- and post-production company to seamlessly blend media to create a memorable image. We started with a CGI key that we aged appropriately using photo retouching. Every detail was meticulously fine-tuned from the man’s hand/arm, which was photographed, as well as parts of the car to the reflection of the couple, street, and background elements.

“The Key” campaign worked! It successfully elevated XIAFLEX as a treatment option for PD and sales increased 24% in 2018. Plus, 86% of surveyed physicians indicated an intent to use XIAFLEX on appropriate patients.

Agency Team:
Executive Creative Director: Sam Cannizzaro
VP, Creative Director: Tom Mullins
Associate Creative Director: Emily Tallman
Art Supervisor: Gregory Jones
Copy Supervisor: Amy Lipski
Senior Art Director: David Brous
SVP, Director of Client Services: Leah Ross
Account Supervisor: Jillian Tragone
Group Project Management Supervisor: Lauren Wexler

Intouch Solutions

Intouch Solutions


“A Beautiful Pair”

For people with certain types of retinal disease, the prospect of vision loss is scary. They’re already dealing with a difficult condition and the accompanying treatment as it is. Now they’re worried about missing out on life’s moments, potentially losing their independence and ultimately afraid of what could come next. Our goal was to instill a sense of empowerment, provide hope, and ultimately inspire these patients to realize that EYLEA is a partner in their fight.

Thus, “A Beautiful Pair” was born. The entire DTC campaign is a magical tale starring two eyes, linked together as they march through life, seeing and experiencing everything side by side. To craft our story, we built an expansive stop-motion world full of characters, settings, and activities we knew would resonate with our audience. Every detail, from color combinations to speed of movement, was designed with visual impairment in mind. Our lovable eyes journey across an immersive multichannel universe comprised of TV, custom print, a full website redesign, high impact digital media, and more, inspiring patients every step of the way.

Agency Team:
Executive Creative Director: Brent Scholz
Associate Creative Director: Jimmy Lam
Copywriter: Matt Linenbroker
Senior Art Director: Ian Tirone
Account Supervisor: Nicole Linebach
Senior Account Manager: Katelyn Inman
SVP, Strategic Planning: Chris Humphreys
Group Director, Strategic Planning: Hilary Allen
Senior Strategic Planner: Sahar Ejaz

Client Team:
Associate Director, Marketing: Natalie Mancuso



Rothman Orthopaedics at Jefferson Health

“Celebrate Like The Pros”

As the official orthopaedic partner of the Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, and Sixers, Rothman Orthopaedics at Jefferson Health treats some of the best athletes in the world. But they also treat grandmas, firefighters, construction workers, and weekend warriors, and when you’re treated like the pros—you’ll celebrate like the pros. In “Celebrate Like The Pros,” we captured this excitement with a series of everyday folks emulating the iconic sports celebrations of the pro athletes treated by these very same doctors. Because yeah, winning is awesome, but your first day without pain—now that’s something to celebrate.

Agency Team:
Chief Creative Officer: Bruce Lev
VP, Account Supervisor: Josh Lev
Account Coordinator: Julia Ramsey
Project Manager: Avery Blue
VP, Production Director: Donna Pangione
Associate Creative Director: RJ Cassi
Copywriter: Joe Schoppy



Astellas Pharma US, Inc.

“What’s Next for You”

We created a 360° experience around Dancing With The Stars (DWTS), the second highest primetime show for women 45+—and an activity women love. Laila Ali was our talent as she is a past contestant, has a positive public image, is engaging/relatable, and has a strong social presence/following.

Laila pushed through obstacles and achieved goals of becoming a champion boxer, CEO of her own brand, competing on DWTS, and being a great mom. Her continued push to drive forward is like the way millions of women want to remove overactive bladder (OAB) obstacles from their life, feel inspired, challenge themselves, and not be afraid to ask, “What’s Next for You.”

Campaign elements included: a :60s brand spot in ABC’s daytime line-up and top-rated game shows; :15s/30s custom vignettes featuring Laila Ali; sweepstakes/contest; custom banners/splash page; online/social features to drive engagement, including Meet the Cast, “Making of” DWTS, and Live On The Red Carpet; presence in the DWTS premiere and finale episodes; social posts; PR efforts; and eNewsletter Blasts.

Results hit record levels for Myrbetriq with over 100K entries in the sweepstakes, a 19% unique opt-in rate, and more than 70% of visitors to Myrbetriq.com took an action on site.

FCB Team:
SVP Managing Director: Sean Slackman
Account Supervisor: Melanie Koerner
VP Associate Creative Director: Marissa Kraft
VP Creative Director: Chauncey O’Neill

Pathway Team:
President: Wendy Arnon
Managing Director: Eileen Wrobel-Katz
Group Account Director: Janet Barnard
Group Director: Linda Shapiro

Astellas Team:
Director Urology Patient Marketing: Ryan Mihalik
Assistant Director, Urology Marketing: John Colucci

Other Contributors:
VP, Strategy, Katalyst: Tim Lewis
Senior Account Director, Katalyst: Zea M. Figueroa-Dingels
Principal, Wellspring Communications, Inc.: Wendy Emanuel

Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, New York

Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, New York

St. George’s Common Table

“It’s Shocking”

With hunger and homelessness becoming growing public health issues, more people are faced each day with eating whatever they can find to survive. This poster campaign, designed to run in New York City bus kiosks, brings the harsh realities of living on the street to life. Then invites passersby to help spread the word about the free wholesome meals served at St. George’s Common Table.

Agency Team:
Chief Creative Officer: Kathy Delaney 
Creative Director: Scott Carlton 
Art Director: Nell McGuire 
Associate Creative Director, Writer: Kristian Sumners 
Associate Creative Director, Art: Adam Springer 

SCOUT Marketing

SCOUT Marketing


“nOH Matters” HCP Disease Awareness Campaign

Neurogenic orthostatic hypertension (nOH) is a rare but serious condition that can lead to serious consequences, including falls. The symptoms of nOH are often overlooked and therefore frequently go untreated, resulting in a significant burden of illness. To educate and raise urgency around this debilitating condition, SCOUT Marketing created the “nOH Matters” disease awareness campaign for HCPs.

The “nOH Matters” campaign takes an “in your face” approach to demonstrating the actual consequences of undiagnosed nOH. The cuts and bruises on the face of an elderly woman are difficult to look at, but you can’t ignore the large bold headline, I’M AFRAID TO FAINT AGAIN, that screams distress. Designed to capture attention, evoke strong emotion, and compel immediate action, this multichannel launch allows HCPs to recognize the face of nOH and look to diagnose and help manage more patients.

Agency Team:
Principal, President of Healthcare: Raffi Siyahian
VP, Associate Director of Account Management: Eric Cale
VP, Management Creative Director: Michelle Tucker
Group Creative Director: Lawrence Lee
Associate Creative Director, Art: Chris Belford
Associate Creative Director, Copy: Lucy Chung
Account Supervisor: Ali Barron
Art Director: Tory Trahey
Senior Copywriter: Kavitha Rao
Copywriter: Cait Leppert 
Managing Editor: Miriam Seva

Production Team:
Senior Producer: Cheryl Lindquist
Photographer: Thomas Chadwick
Makeup Artist: Zee Gusterson

Client Team:
VP, Neurology Marketing: Amy Magro
Marketing Director: Kim Glisson
Associate Marketing Director: Carissa Heine
Product Manager: Renee Hagerty



Tadin Herb & Tea Co.

“Sabor Is How We Do”

Tadin Tea leverages its 30-year heritage in the U.S. Latino market as a key brand differentiator in a crowded CPG category. Instead of homogenizing its look and feel to suit general market tastes, it wholeheartedly embraces Latino cultural expression as a marker of brand authenticity. In so doing, it expands the conversation beyond flavorful teas to a broader celebration of Latino lifestyle made synonymous with its brand. “Sabor Is How We Do” is about living life with healthy, positive, and unapologetic self-acceptance. Wellness isn’t merely functional; it’s cultural. The millennial-driven concept has broad social extension through Instagram-friendly imagery and influencer-based content around fashion, art, food, wellness, lifestyle, music, and performance. This campaign delivered 25 million impressions, an 82.5% increase in visitors to the Tadin website, and a 27.7% increase in year-over-year sales in the targeted markets of Los Angeles, Fresno, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, and Raleigh.

Agency Team:
Creative Director, Copywriter: Javier San Miguel
Associate Creative Director, Art Director: David Galván

Snow Companies

Snow Companies

Regeneron and Sanofi Genzyme

“Eczema Exposed” Testimonial Video Series

Creative Process:
To combat trivializing perceptions about moderate-to-severe eczema (atopic dermatitis), the team behind the Sanofi Genzyme and Regeneron co-promote launched the award-winning unbranded “Eczema Exposed” campaign. To complement the campaign’s creative, the team decided to build an additional digital patient testimonial arm to the campaign.

The co-promote team engaged Snow Companies’ award-winning video team to film the participants of the unbranded eczema Patient Ambassador® program as they told of their experiences. The result was a series of short, real-life online segments with authentic, emotive content.

“Eczema Exposed” as a campaign has garnered significant accolades and awards, and the real patient videos showcased that atopic dermatitis is truly more than “just eczema.” On the YouTube channel alone, the videos boast close to seven million views to date.


Agency Team:
Executive Producer: Tyler James
Senior Producer/Writer: Logan Hirsh
Director, Editor: Adam McPherson
Associate Producer: Samantha Barnitt
Associate Director: Parker Phillips
Client Services: Laura Pittman

Client Team:
Senior Director, Consumer Marketing, Regeneron Healthcare Solutions: Sandy Sexton
Senior Director, Consumer Marketing, Sanofi Genzyme US: Debra D’Amico





In today’s biotech environment, “life-changing therapeutics” has become so ubiquitous it’s a challenge to stand out. But what if your mission really is rooted in filling treatment gaps for patients with unmet needs? How do you own that idea when so many say the same? You change the lexicon and conversation around your corporate identity.

With a proven track record in the dermatologic space, Aclaris’ proprietary drug discovery platform had promise to deliver therapies for those with unmet needs beyond the therapeutic area. And so, a new corporate identity was needed to redefine Aclaris as “biotech” versus “specialty pharma.”

Through key stakeholder interviews and a full-day workshop, we uncovered the essence of Aclaris’ purpose and roots to inform brand positioning and value proposition. And through a truly ownable platform, we brought this all to life: REVELATIONARY Science.

The Aclaris logo was also reimagined with a fresh font and new colors, while the corporate website was redesigned to optimize engagement with the new platform—cementing Aclaris as a biotech company to key audiences.

The new branding was revealed in a video on LinkedIn, which received over 2,000 views. Since launching on October 26, the website has averaged nearly 300 visits per day (31,088 total), with an average time on site of 2:22 and 2.63 average pages per visit, indicating sustained engagement since launch.

Agency Team:
Executive Creative Director: Justin Rubin
Vice President UX Design: Randy Brasof
Vice President: Emily Paul
Vice President: Lauren Tortorete
Program Management Director: Heather Traum



3M Healthcare

“Fighting Surgical Site Infections from Every Angle”

3M Healthcare had a messaging problem. After failed internal attempts to gain traction and excitement around their efforts to fight surgical site infections, 3M asked StoneArch to come up with a fresh new way to engage and excite both internal and external audiences about their Surgical Safety Solutions division.

Staying power came in the form of a fun, pop-y superhero tradeshow campaign that took 3M’s mission to apply science to life into an unexpected direction.

By making what seemed like a huge mission—to innovate towards zero surgical site infections globally—into something as exciting and approachable as superheroes, it gave purpose to 3M employees, empowerment to OR nurses, and a much-needed boost to infection preventionists.

Enthusiasm for the campaign extended into an immersive experience at International Infection Prevention Week. We took illustrations, messaging, and video and developed a plan to keep OR nurses and infection preventionists engaged on social before, during, and after the tradeshow—maximizing content and delivering the most successful engagement at their most important event of the year.

Agency Team:
VP, Account Management: Jennifer Mugnaini
Creative Director: Allison Shulow
Creative Director, Writer: Diana Saez
Senior Strategist: Sue Katula
Video Editor, Illustrator: Lucas Chamberlain
Senior Project Manager: Hayley Doyle

The Bloc

The Bloc

Illumina, Inc.

“There’s Never Been a Better Time to Be Pregnant”

Throughout history, expecting parents have all had one thing in common: They don’t know what to expect. And the genetic health of a baby is yet another anxiety-inducing unknown. So, in order to increase demand for noninvasive prenatal testing, or NIPT, we needed to make expecting families realize how comforting early insights into their pregnancy could be.

That’s why we launched “There’s Never Been a Better Time to Be Pregnant”—an educational web and social campaign that turns the worry of family planning into wonder about how early insights can come with NIPT, a simple blood test that can accurately screen for genetic health risks as early as week 10 of pregnancy. NIPT.com leverages the visual language of modern parenthood—fruits and vegetables commonly used in baby tracking apps—to welcome parents into the era of enlightened pregnancy.

To explain NIPT, we paired our fruits and vegetables with photography of real expecting families, including Instagram influencer @Rachlmansfield, and copy that describes in detail how safe, straightforward, and empowering genetic testing can be for those families who choose it. And we shot the whole thing with famed photographers and life partners, Paula and Murray, who told their personal story on camera about receiving their NIPT results and the peace of mind it gave them during their pregnancy.

Just three weeks into the rollout of our engagement plan targeting expecting and planning families, we’ve already generated three million impressions and 6,000 landing page visits with a click-through rate that’s a whopping 4.5x higher than industry benchmarks.

Marketing: Hana Arjan
Marketing: Jamie Phan
EVP, Executive Creative Director: Brit Till
Creative Director, Art: Aaron Sidorov
Creative Director, Copy: David Stemler
Art: Colin Forsyth and Brynn Lally
Copy: Jesse Lee and Linda Enns
Producer: Jennifer Lekuch
Photography and Video: Paola + Murray
Production: B+A reps
Post/Retouching: Daniel Witterman
Edit/Animation: Christine White
Post Director/Sound/Color: Craig Kabrhel
Dev: “The Nucleus” at Illumina
Creative Technology/Social: Matt Goral
User Experience: Miki Pierre
Account: Kevin Irizarry
Account Lead: Rob Roth
Strategy Lead: Antoinette Bobbitt
Medical Strategy: Jym Ocbina
Content Strategy: John Postley
Project Managers: Maron Sharabi and Lauren Behrmann

Wunderman Health Kansas City

Wunderman Health Kansas City

Merck Animal Health

Nobivac Dog Flu Campaign

CHALLENGE: Not Required • Not Recommended • Not Requested
In the highly commoditized vaccine market, standing out can be difficult. The agency was tasked with building awareness of the Nobivac Canine Influenza Bivalent vaccine, a non-core vaccine designed to protect dogs against the highly contagious dog flu. One challenge was that our audience (veterinarians) tended to react to an outbreak, rather than proactively recommending preventative vaccines. Even with outbreaks increasing and the emergence of a second strain, vaccination rates remained very low.

IDEA: It’s Not Just a Sneeze…
Our strategy and creative teams noted that flu season for humans is a big deal, with everyone scrambling to get their flu shots and disinfecting their offices and homes with a vengeance. But dog flu is just as contagious among canines. And let’s face it, dogs lack etiquette when it comes to sneezing, coughing, drooling, and licking. Our imagery amped up the dripping, spraying, and transferring of biofluids with close-up photography illustrating the true nature of dogs, and how easily the disease is passed from dog to dog. Headlines reiterated that it’s not just a bodily function—it could be dog flu.

IMPACT: Moving the Needle
The result? Vaccination rates nearly doubled and positioned Nobivac as the #1 vaccine.

Agency Team:
Executive Creative Director: Shelley Hanna
Creative Director/Art Director: Rusty Nail
Associate Creative Director/Writer: Leisha Anderson
Client Lead: Magali Sartain
VP, Account Director: Sara Filipovits
VP, Strategy: Daniel Alvarado
Account Supervisor: Sarah Page


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