PM360 2019 Innovative Service FormularyDecisions Platform from Xcenda

FormularyDecisions Platform


Jackie Gladman, Group Product Director, FormularyDecisions Suite

Xcenda, a part of AmerisourceBergen, helps manufacturers generate credible, practical health economics and outcomes research that enables payers to make informed decisions that consider the clinical, economic, and humanistic outcomes of a product, which ultimately impacts patient access to therapies.

To advance the efficiency of this important exchange of information between manufacturers and payers, Xcenda acquired FormularyDecisions in May 2019. This centralized technology platform, home of AMCP eDossiers, provides payers easy access to clinical evidence and economic product information, provided daily by both independent, reliable third-party data sources, as well as subscribing manufacturers. Payers use this information to assess value throughout a product’s lifecycle, including pre-, peri-, and post-approval, and to aid in evidence-based reimbursement decision-making.

The interactive nature of the platform enables the bi-directional exchange of information, which presents multiple advantages for both payers and subscribing manufacturers. Payers can share insights on their informational needs as well as feedback on product evidence, pricing considerations, and competitor products. Manufacturers can then use this aggregated feedback to inform and evolve their commercialization and product launch strategies, with support from Xcenda’s global market access and health economics expertise.

FormularyDecisions has more than 2,100 registered U.S. payers and healthcare decision-makers and 2,500+ FDA approved products, plus more than 225 pre-approval products on the platform. It is the only community with identified, active payers who are consistently reviewing products for formulary evaluations. As the platform continues to grow and attract additional users, it will allow Xcenda to leverage this information on pipeline and approved products with payers, provide actionable insights to manufacturers and, ultimately, help more patients gain access to the products they need.


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