Interactive Journey: Protecting Your Family against Meningitis B

Interactive Journey: Protecting Your Family against Meningitis B tells the emotional story of John and Eileen, real parents who experienced the heartbreaking loss of their daughter just two days after being diagnosed with Meningitis B. By marrying their documentary-style story with user-driven interactive learning and stunning VR-style animation in one groundbreaking tool, Sharecare’s program empowers families to vaccinate against this deadly infection.

Sharecare’s marketing team collaborated with our award-winning production studio and VR designers/animators from The Sharecare Reality Lab to create an immersive editorial experience illustrating the spread and impact of Meningitis:

  • Filmed after the pandemic halted in-person production, our video team leveraged skype for in-person interviews, resulting in an even more authentic tone
  • As John and Eileen tell their story, users click on hot spots to access:
    • Ultra-realistic 3D visuals of the brain, spinal cord, and infection
    • 3D Exploration of Meningococcus and Bacterial Meningitis
    • Interaction modules showing the impact of Meningitis across the body
    • Printable/shareable takeaways to inspire action

The message of Sharecare’s experience is emotional, but hopeful—through the interactivity of the tool and the power this story, Sharecare’s campaign has driven a 74% interaction rate, inspiring families to take meaningful action towards vaccination.

Strategic Partnership Lead:
Ashley Cardarelli, VP Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Development/Marketing:
Sharecare Integrated Marketing
Sharecare Project Management
Sharecare Account Management

Sharecare Reality Lab
Sharecare Video


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