Canale Communications

Taysha Gene Therapies

Launching a Gene Therapy Rocket

Amidst the chaos that was COVID during the spring of 2020, Taysha Gene Therapies, one of the most promising gene therapy companies around, engaged Canale Communications to launch the company and prepare to go from seed financing to IPO.

CanaleComm established the company’s visual identity, building a brand that showcased the company’s bold vision to develop a pipeline of 18 gene therapies designed to treat genetic diseases of the central nervous system, many of which affect the youngest children and dramatically decrease life expectancy. We developed messaging, wrote web copy, and designed and built the company’s website, working hand in hand with the executive team to select imagery that thread the needle of demonstrating Taysha’s commitment to patients while avoiding stock patient photography.

We launched the company with a highly successful media relations campaign and continue to push the needle on creating content to ensure robust communications with key audiences, including investors and patient advocacy groups.

Canale Communications Team:
Jason Spark, Managing Director
Ben Patriquin, Creative Director
Carolyn Hawley, Vice President
Ashley Berg, Director of Creative Services
Lauren Fish, Senior Content Manager
Aren Bradley, Senior Graphic Designer
David Anderson, Director of Development
Will Zasadny, Senior Director


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