STRIKEFORCE Communications


“What We Live For”

“What We Live For” is the voice of inspiration for those impacted by HIV. It’s the very essence of humanity. To live a long, healthy life free of judgment and prejudice. It’s everything that’s important to all of those directly or indirectly affected by HIV.

This multichannel, purpose-based campaign created by STRIKEFORCE celebrates the progress and passion of the collective people to make a meaningful difference in those living with or at risk of HIV. It’s raw authenticity and starkness clearly separate the work in the category. But more importantly, it’s the casting that counts in this campaign—actual members of the community who came together to form meaningful connections and deliver the messages that really matter.

This is what we live for.

STRIKEFORCE Communications Team:
Mike Rutstein, Founder & CEO
Patricia Prugno, Partner & Managing Director
Svenja Timme-Bastian, Executive Creative Director
Tom Pastore, Creative Director – Copy

Gilead Brand Team:
Andrea Porzio, Senior Director, HIV Marketing
Chauncey Watson, Senior Product Manager, HIV Marketing