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Sage Therapeutics

Postpartum Depression Expressive Arts Session

Creative Process:

Postpartum depression (PPD) symptoms can have negative impact on a mom’s day-to-day functioning and is more than just the “baby blues.” Sage Therapeutics is aiming to increase awareness and better understanding of PPD. Sage asked their PPD Patient Ambassadors to create expressive art in which the moms started off visualizing a difficult time in their journey with PPD. They then matched their emotions to colors and noted phrases, song lyrics, symbols, and quotes they connected with. The end products represent the moms’ journey with PPD. The result is a stunning collection of beautiful, poetic, emotional art that leaves no viewer untouched.

The Impact:

The art comes from the point of view of mothers who experienced the confusing, scary, and emotional journey of having PPD and in turn is teaching us all about the urgency of treating the often misdiagnosed and misunderstood mental health disorder.

Agency Team:

Anna Cunningham, Expressive Arts Facilitator and Visual Storyteller
Liza Fiore, Senior Account Director
Maggie Patry, VP, Client Services
Kathy Barry, EVP, Client Services

Client Team:

Becky Terry, Associate Director, Disease State Awareness


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