PM360 2020 Trailblazer Awards Interactive Marketing Program Winner Amgen and AbelsonTaylor

Enbrel: Our Lab is Everywhere Campaign (Amgen, AbelsonTaylor)

To be successful, engagement should never be one and done. Interactions must be continuous to keep your audience interested and feed their desire to learn more. This is true even for long-established brands such as Enbrel. When the brand launched back in 1998, it was the first biologic for rheumatoid arthritis treatment and the only biologic DMARD on the market. Since then, the market has become a lot more crowded and rheumatologists assume they already know everything there is about the brand. For that reason, their perception of Enbrel patient support tends to lag behind that of its primary competitor—despite the fact Amgen continues to deliver new and innovative patient solutions.

To raise awareness of these solutions, Amgen and AbelsonTaylor developed the one-of-a-kind “Our Lab is Everywhere Campaign.” Turning to a long-form content marketing approach, the campaign appeased to the tinkerers within rheumatologists who like to know how things are created by offering stories detailing the “what” and “why” behind the development of Enbrel patient services and solutions. Furthermore, the campaign leverages how Amgen is committed to observing real-life behaviors to identify clear patient needs and create solutions to solve them.

In 2019, banner ads significantly drove traffic to the Our Lab is Everywhere website with over 100,000 clicks, demonstrating a click-through rate that was 3.5x the industry benchmark. And by continually adding new content to the site and making optimizations throughout the campaign lifecycle, time on page actually improved by 78% (6:27 vs. 3:38) in the second half of the year compared to the first.


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