Sharecare’s Endometriosis 3D Interactive

Sharecare’s Endometriosis 3D Interactive, a one-of-a-kind, virtual reality style experience, makes a deep, visceral connection with millennial women with endometriosis—empowering them to visualize, understand, and discuss a topic that is often left unspoken.

Sharecare’s marketing team collaborated with award-winning designers/animators from our in-house VR team, Sharecare Reality Lab, to create an experience that illustrates endometriosis through 3D animation of the reproductive system. With the theme of female empowerment in mind, we created this as a user-driven, immersive learning tool with hot spots and areas of exploration, enabling users to determine their own experiences. Our team fused anatomy imagery with a gorgeous color palette and youthful, vibrant animation designed specifically to resonate with a millennial audience.

  • The experience is anchored by breathtaking 3D visuals of the reproductive system and surrounding organs that rotate in 360°
  • We designed interaction points throughout, based on research of knowledge gaps among endo patients, helping them understand why endometriosis affects them so profoundly
  • Interactive cross section of reproductive organs
  • Timeline slider of endo stages—helping patients personalize their journey
  • FAQ videos from Dr. Windom—renown GYN—seamlessly integrated into the watercolor design
  • Three printable/shareable takeaways to inspire further action at POC

Thousands of millennial women have spent an average of over two minutes per user exploring the tool.

Strategic Development/Marketing:

Ashley Cardarelli, VP Strategic Partnerships
Lori Flynn, SVP Integrated Marketing
Meghan McNally, VP Integrated Marketing
Michael Lepow, Director Integrated Marketing
Jennifer Owens, Director Integrated Marketing
Samantha Hutzler, Director Integrated Marketing

Project Management:

Amy Feng, Project Manager
Nathan Kelliher, Account Manager

Sharecare Reality Lab – Creative Team:

Zelka Ridjosic, Managing Director, Sharecare Reality Lab
Olesya Galuzina, Sr. Medical Writer, Sharecare Reality Lab
Jessica Mazzer, Producer, Sharecare Reality Lab
Michael Trezza, Art Director, Sharecare Reality Lab
Allison Sugden, CG Artist, Sharecare Reality Lab
Joshua Faust, Sr. Artist, Sharecare Reality Lab
Rick Montgomery, Motion Design Artist, Sharecare Reality Lab
Gage Weimer, CG Artist, Sharecare Reality Lab
Chris LeBlanc, CG Artist, Sharecare Reality Lab


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