Spectrum Science

Beyond the Science Quo

Today’s health and science clients want one agency to provide every communication under the sun—so we shot for the moon. You see, Spectrum Science took its name from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. As this implies, our expertise spans the entire spectrum of integrated marketing, communications, and media solutions. But we also bravely dream beyond the realm of the possible—and do it. So when the time came to rebrand our agency to reflect how we uniquely meet the needs of the industry, one question rose to the top: How do we unite an eclectic group of science-loving specialists to create a new identity and chart the course for the future? Our answer: Boldly.

We undertook a year-long quest to uncover our true genetics, holding several interoffice, cross-functional workshops to ensure all disciplines of the organization were not only represented, but had a strong voice.

The result was electrifying. Our brand personality was equal parts soulful, killer instinct, iconic, swagger, and purposeful. Our positioning ensured we were poised to deliver an experience and product that’s out of this world—BEYOND THE SCIENCE QUO. Our logo, with double, locking S’s flowing together, was intentionally reminiscent of DNA—the interwoven quality of people and science. And with our sleek new brand colors, an interactive website, and four redesigned offices, every surface of Spectrum showcased our ability to masterfully take communications and the human condition where it’s never gone before.

Agency Team:

Justin Rubin, Chief Creative Officer
Jessica Klepac, Vice President, Group Creative Director
Emily Paul, Vice President, Creative Director
Randy Brasof, Vice President UX Design
Eric Tortora Pato, Senior Video Producer
Jessica Sturchio, Senior Digital Designer
Rachael Holland, Senior Program Manager
Talia Baghdoyan, Marketing Manager
Emma Waters, Associate Art Director
Kayla Sweeney, Copy Supervisor
Isabella Gargione, Graphic Designer
Morgan Ringgold, Marketing Associate


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