PM360 2023 Innovative Artificial Intelligence CrowdPharm’s AI Task Force

AI generated image of a rooster wearing sunglasses in a convertible created by CrowdPharma

CrowdPharm’s AI Task Force

Pioneering Responsible and Effective AI Use in Healthcare

CrowdPharm launched an AI task force with the mission to harness the power of AI technologies to drive innovation and enhance efficiencies across various disciplines. By providing training and learning opportunities, CrowdPharm’s team is pioneering the responsible and effective use of AI seamlessly into their work and processes. The task force is charged with providing best practices, and staying abreast of regulatory rulings, data integrity, and privacy issues.

For example, CrowdPharm added AI to the proprietary application that runs its global talent network to identify and align talent to task. By uploading a creative brief and job details, the AI tools search CrowdPharm’s 8,400+ members and identify those who are an excellent fit for the project at hand. The agency is also developing an AI-powered natural language search for network members. Using a simple text box, the team can type in what they are looking for, such as: “I’m looking for a copywriter who speaks French and has expertise in rare disease.” The AI returns a list of matching candidates.

Additionally, CrowdPharm used AI code generation to develop a program that automates PDF document creation from its animated banner ads of multiple sizes, assembling all animated frames into a single-page document. The result is one PDF in a matter of minutes versus hours of screen grabbing and layout. Not only did this save the operations team’s time, but it also saved at least 40 hours of costly development work.

CrowdPharm recognizes that responsibly leveraging technological advancements, such as AI, increases creativity, productivity, and efficiency, and its ability to deliver exceptional results to clients.


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