PM360 2021 Innovative Product DeepIntent Outcomes from DeepIntent

DeepIntent Outcomes™


Jen Werther, Chief Strategy Officer

Healthcare marketers have traditionally been saddled with multiple silo-based systems, making it difficult to use their data and connect it with the most relevant audiences and real-world business outcomes such as audience quality and script performance. The DeepIntent Healthcare Marketing Platform was built purposefully for healthcare marketers to solve that problem by enabling them to centralize and connect campaign planning, activation, optimization, and measurement within a single platform. In April 2021, the company launched a new innovation for healthcare marketers: DeepIntent Outcomes™, patented technology that makes DeepIntent’s the only demand side platform (DSP) able to optimize advertising campaigns in-flight to increase audience quality and script performance using real-world clinical data.

DeepIntent Outcomes empowers marketers to algorithmically optimize individual patient or HCP campaigns, or integrate campaigns by coordinating and optimizing HCP and patient media toward the metrics that matter. Because DeepIntent Outcomes combines real-world clinical data with real-time DSP optimizations, healthcare marketers are able to optimize live campaigns and learn what’s working quickly with daily data refreshes. DeepIntent’s optimization algorithms also help uncover unexpected insights to inform strategies beyond the media buy. For example, an ad’s creative may skew too male and need more testing in the online environment, or data may uncover a new audience opportunity.

In addition to helping marketers uncover insights in real time and ultimately be more proactive with their marketing investments, this also lowers costs and drives more efficient media. As a result, DeepIntent Outcomes has been proven in beta to increase script performance—volume of scripts written and filled—by up to 35% and improve audience quality, or the number of unique relevant patients exposed to a brand message.


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