PM360 2018 Innovative Company Doximity


Jim Rivas, Head of Corporate Communications

Since 2011, Doximity has been connecting physicians and clinicians to make them more successful and productive. And in 2018, the professional medical network achieved a major milestone—its network reached over one million medical professionals as members. Doximity now has the largest U.S. physician membership of any online network.

In 2018, the company also released a couple of new features to further help clinicians connect with other clinicians, hospitals, and patients. For one, the company partnered with U.S. News and World Report and introduced its first-ever patient offering. This new online appointment booking tool enables patients to schedule appointments via the U.S. News website. Healthcare organizations that subscribe to the service can easily integrate the booking platform with their existing third-party scheduling applications.

Doximity also teamed up with Epic, one of the largest electronic health records (EHRs) in the country, to introduce a new integration between Doximity Dialer and Epic Haiku. Doximity Dialer facilitates calls between doctors and patients, enabling doctors to dial directly from their smartphones, while routing the call through the hospital’s landline. Now with Haiku, physicians can tap the patient’s contact information in a chart from their smartphone and instantly open up Doximity Dialer to initiate a patient call.

Lastly, Doximity also expanded its offerings to help in forming connections between physicians and hospitals. For example, Louisiana-based Ochsner Health System partnered with Doximity to increase referrals. Within the first year, Ochsner saw referrals from more than 50 new physicians, including a liver transplant and a complex heart valve procedure.

The bottom line: Doximity is committed to helping physicians become more productive so they can spend more time with patients.


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