PM360 2022 Innovative Service Virtual Learning Programs from Impetus Digital

Virtual Learning Programs

Impetus Digital

Contact Person:
Vaska Hamanova, Global Business Development Director

Impetus Digital has been providing best-in-class virtual meetings and events for over 14 years. However, this past year, the Impetus team developed several new tools and services designed specifically for virtual/hybrid learning, training, and medical education programs. Life sciences clients can choose from a variety of asynchronous and synchronous virtual tools to design one-of-a-kind, highly customized learning experiences.

Among the new programs is the Online Community Board offering, which helps to facilitate ongoing collaboration and knowledge-sharing among HCPs, payers, patients, or internal stakeholders. The self-service Community Board is initially set up by Impetus while the client representative or appointed moderator adds the questions, moderates the discussion, and continues to pose questions or add resources for review as the need arises throughout the year. Unlike other discussion boards on the market, this solution is designed to function both as a stand-alone program and as an extension to other learning programs conducted on Impetus’ platform, allowing deeper discussions and follow-up to unanswered questions in a safe, centralized online space.

Another new offering is Impetus’ Virtual Ambassador Programs wherein three to four key opinion leaders (KOLs) participate as faculty to attend a national/international congress and summarize key abstracts of interest to HCPs from their country/specialty. Impetus will also create multiple outputs from these summaries, including video vignettes, podcast episodes, slide deck summaries, infographic-style digital handouts, and more.

Compared to traditional educational programs, Impetus’ virtual learning programs offer a 60% increase in the speed to project completion, a 75% decrease in cost and resources, a 35% average increase in attendee confidence/comfort/knowledge with learning topic level vs. baseline, and 93–99% of participants are very/extremely satisfied with the virtual platform.


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