PM360 2021 Innovative Division Intouch Market Access of Intouch Group

Intouch Market Access

Intouch Group

Mike Motto, SVP, Market Access

Drug spending in the U.S. is at an all-time high, with no sign of slowing. In fact, U.S. patients are more likely to report that they can’t afford their medications, and 50% of U.S. lower-income adults go without care because of cost. In response to U.S. payer landscape dynamics and client needs of the past several years, Intouch Group established Intouch Market Access, a robust, purpose-built affiliate that boasts 100+ years in market access experience, covering more than 20 therapeutic areas across all payer and reimbursement types. It’s also backed by subject matter experts in 17 “deep dive” functional areas, from account services and strategic planning to analytics, creative, and more.

With its unique integration into the Intouch Group network, Intouch Market Access brings the right experts, timely insights, and modern marketing discipline to brand strategies to help ensure payer coverage decisions are aligned with the label; providers can prescribe without access barriers; and patients have access to therapy without undue financial out-of-pocket burden. Applying modern marketing strategies like MCM and omnichannel helps elevate biopharma brands by driving meaningful payer and organized provider group engagement; create comprehensive patient support programs; and inform value-based payer dialogue.

One example of the team’s success was the launch of a novel therapy in the rare disease space. By effectively positioning this therapy using a multichannel payer-communication strategy that spotlighted the patient journey and unmet clinical and social needs of this dramatically underserved patient population, the team attained ~90% formulary coverage within the first 14 months of launch—without engaging in rebate contracting!


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