PM360 2021 Trailblazer Awards Professional Campaign Silver Winner Sight Sciences and Schaefer Advertising Co

OMNI Surgical System “Go for Three” Campaign (Sight Sciences, Schaefer Advertising Co)

While most open-angle glaucoma devices focus on a single point of resistance, the OMNI Surgical System addresses all three points and all severities. This adaptability empowers surgeons to intervene in combination with cataract surgery or as a standalone procedure; all at a lower risk level.

While many minimally invasive glaucoma surgery products offered a cataract surgeon a low-risk procedure, efficacy suffered because current products only addressed one point of resistance in the conventional outflow pathway. Shaefer Advertising targeted cataract surgeons, glaucoma specialists, and referring optometrists with a campaign that looked past a promotional landscape oversaturated with images of eyes.

The “Go for Three” campaign put the ball in the hand of the surgeon. This basketball metaphor engaged audiences with a better “shot” for patients.

The results of the campaign instantly differentiated OMNI, accelerating awareness and market saturation. OMNI achieved an all-time high in procedures, thanks to inquiry and training among anterior-segment cataract surgeons.