PM360 2018 Innovative Product Galileo6 from Spectrum



Talia Baghdoyan, Business Development & Marketing Manager

Two years ago, health and science marketing communications agency Spectrum set out to tackle media monitoring—ensuring it would never be the same again. They partnered with Tickr, a data visualization powerhouse, to develop a custom marketing intelligence platform. The end result: Galileo6, an all-in-one real-time solution that enables clients to proactively manage marketing and communications from awareness through to customer engagement and retention, connecting to financials and market sentiment and every other spoke in the wheel of a brand’s ecosystem.

Galileo6 takes a new spin on monitoring by focusing on measuring what matters most—IMPACT. Through Impact Score, a proprietary metric that looks at things such as influence, velocity, sentiment, and engagement, marketers can now move away from relying on mentions or impressions as an indicator of success. Instead, Galileo6 gets to the core of what’s really important for a brand—reaching the right people, at the right time, with the right message.

On top of this, Galileo6 is using machine learning to read up on a client’s brand and deliver insights-based intelligence in real time. Considering digital conversations in the U.S. are more polarized and fickle than they’ve ever been, particularly around healthcare, this can be incredibly important. Not only can Galileo6 catch fake news before it gets out of control, but it can also identify when to engage with relevant news and conversations, right as they are happening, to make sure your story is getting in front of the right people—whether they be patients, healthcare professionals, media, or investors.


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