PM360 2021 Trailblazer Awards Professional Campaign Gold Winner AngioDynamics and Fingerpaint

“Say Goodbye” (AngioDynamics, Fingerpaint)

Peripheral atherectomies are complicated. Until now, doctors never knew what they’d find in arteries until they were mid-surgery and were forced to keep a suite of tools on hand. The array of tools affected cost—and outcomes.

AngioDynamics developed Auryon, a multi-use tool that handled whatever complexities arose in-vessel. The Fingerpaint team quickly realized the device was a game changer and began work on a targeted campaign for a group of fewer than 12,000 surgeons who perform peripheral atherectomy procedures.

The peripheral atherectomy space is crowded. Competitors’ devices offer different tools for very specific uses during surgery. However, each of these devices is marked the same way—as a tech-focused power tool. The Fingerpaint team knew they’d have to do something different. Instead of a tech theme, they designed a more abstract and visually interesting campaign, called “Say Goodbye.” It was anchored by a promise: Whatever one encounters in a vessel, Auryon can handle it.

The team partnered with a CGI company to deliver a series of hero visuals that personified lesions as creatures hiding within the vessel. Each story focused on a different issue, ranging from stubbornness to complexity. In doing so, Fingerpaint immediately put distance between AngioDynamics and the competition.

Despite the niche audience, the results were startling. Auryon enjoyed 15,700 unique website visitors. Most importantly, surgeons performed over 3,400 procedures with Auryon in three quarters, with quarter-over-quarter sales doubling.


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