PM360 2021 Trailblazer Awards Men’s Health Brand Champion Rozita Passarella

Rozita Passarella, Vice President of Marketing, Clarus Therapeutics

As the only FDA-approved soft gel for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for adult males with low or no testosterone due to medical conditions, Clarus Therapeutics knew the importance of the JATENZO (testosterone undecanoate) Capsules launch.

In early 2020, the team had just begun to implement the initial rollout when COVID-19 shutdowns disrupted businesses across the country. Clarus had no choice but to pull the sales team out of the field and pivot.

Rozita Passarella was instrumental in adjusting from planned rollout to a new remote plan. Within just three days, Rozita transformed all educational print materials into digital assets—and managed to attain lightning-quick approvals from Medical, Legal, and Regulatory. In less than a week, the sales team was already back to work, educating HCPs on Clarus’s state-of-the-art oral TRT, JATENZO.

The team adapted to the climate and found ways to continue supporting healthcare professionals and patients in need and conducted real-time market research and found an opportunity to directly educate providers. After a great deal of planning, Rozita and her team produced live, face-to-face educational programs and online webinars for primary care practitioners, endocrinologists, and urologists across the country. In addition, geofencing allowed the team to deliver targeted educational information directly to patients around the zip codes of these physicians’ medical offices.

Despite disruptions due to COVID-19, Rozita’s vision, ingenuity, and perseverance resulted in a continual growth of prescriptions throughout the pandemic. As the world continues to reopen, Clarus expects numbers to accelerate and return to the projected launch uptake.


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