PM360 2021 Trailblazer Awards Medical Device/Diagnostics Brand Champion Hillary M. Titus

Hillary M. Titus, Director of External Communications, BioReference Laboratories, Inc.

As the world’s leading diagnostics labs raced to develop effective COVID-19 testing programs, BioReference Laboratories’ existing proprietary technology was already far ahead of the competition. However, the small lab was virtually unknown. In order to launch new testing services, BioReference had to become part of the conversation.

Hillary Titus sprang into action with a robust awareness campaign. Initially, key messaging answered common questions about testing—availability, margins of error, supply shortages, and scalability. Then, Hillary was able to discuss ways BioReference was able to provide faster, more accurate testing over competing laboratories.

In just 90 days, Hillary and the team tirelessly educated audiences about the company’s COVID-19 services, all the while eliciting valuable testing contracts. By using social listening tools and adjusting accordingly, Hillary secured more than 45 national TV appearances with “Morning Joe,” “Mad Money with Jim Cramer,” “Power Lunch,” and others. Thought leaders from BioReference were frequently interviewed by national news outlets.

With the visibility garnered by Hillary and her team, BioReference secured contracts with five professional sports leagues, as well as New York State, New York City, Miami, Detroit, and many smaller municipalities. Broadcast and online audiences responded with millions of views and more than 35,000 social shares at an estimated $34 million in coverage value.

Natalie Cummins, Chief Commercial Officer of BioReference Laboratories, says, “What Hillary and her team were able to accomplish was beyond what we could have imagined. She led the effort with a methodical approach that paid off for the organization. The awareness campaign of this service ranks among the top launches in the company’s history.”


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