PM360 2021 Trailblazer Awards Central Nervous System Brand Champion Paul Lowman

Paul Lowman, Director of Marketing, Neurodegeneration/Multiple Sclerosis, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

When Janssen Pharmaceuticals inherited PONVORY as part of their acquisition of Actelion, they needed to make a big impact in the multiple sclerosis market. As the 19th disease modifying treatment (DMT) for MS, the competition was daunting.

Paul Lowman readily accepted the challenge. While a campaign centered on drug efficacy seemed obvious, Paul had a different vision. He encouraged his team to look into the experience of living with MS—particularly the time between relapses to determine the disease’s actual impact.

This decision sparked meaningful conversations with providers and patients. It became clear that MS affected all aspects of life—including joyful moments like pregnancy and scarier moments like the need for unexpected surgery. The global pandemic brought additional considerations, especially around vaccine-related decisions.

Paul sought collaboration with experts from J&J and the healthcare community. Together, they formulated the “More to MS” campaign. The platform gives legitimacy to the MS patient experience and encourages human dialogue. An artist helped visualize the real stories of people living with MS with creative editorial illustrations.

The results speak for themselves. From 50x Janssen benchmarks for direct-to-consumer visitors to 40x Janssen standards for unique visitors and 117% above industry standards for viewability of a 30-second spot, “More to MS” has made strong connections with both those living with MS and HCPs.

Paul led the global team to set a foundation for success. He’s now shifted roles, and will lead the U.S. team, where he will continue to champion a change in the MS market.


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