PM360 2021 Trailblazer Awards Dermatology Brand Champion PJ Cadman

PJ Cadman, Marketing Lead, Dermatology, UCB Pharmaceuticals

Differentiation in the dermatology space is no easy task, but PJ Cadman has proven herself up to the ask. Despite the challenges of 2020, PJ has been instrumental in evolving the Cimzia brand by repositioning it as the anti-TNF of choice for patients with prior biologic experience and joint involvement.

The daring “Back to BOLD” campaign effectively re-introduced HCPs to the proven psoriasis-stopping power of Cimzia. At its core, the campaign focused on helping psoriasis patients gain control of their symptoms and educated both providers and patients about the importance of early detection and screening for psoriatic arthritis.

PJ implemented a focused omni-channel strategy, including a hyper-targeted sales program and contest that energized and empowered the field force. This comprehensive marketing program elevates Cimzia as a valuable tool for addressing not only clearer skin, but also, the articular manifestations of psoriatic disease.

With virtual engagement at an all-time high throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, peaking at over 85% of weekly customer engagements, PJ and UCB adapted quickly to launch an innovative, self-guided e-detail experience, providing reps with a customized tool specifically designed to help retain and motivate HCPs.

Within four months of campaign launch, PJ’s leadership, dedication, and relentless perseverance led directly to record-breaking levels of success for Cimzia.

She expanded Cimzia’s share within the anti-TNF class and overcame fierce competition to increase patient starts, gain new prescribers, and attain the highest Rx volume ever for the brand. Her success has played a pivotal role in helping UCB establish a strong presence within the dermatology community and has laid the foundation for broader portfolio developments.


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