PM360 2021 Innovative Startup Glyphic Biotechnologies, Inc.

Glyphic Biotechnologies, Inc.

Joshua Yang, Co-Founder and CEO  

Although decoding the human genome through the invention of sequencing has ushered in a new era of biomedical sciences, this blueprint is not enough. People are defined by more than our genes: to understand the human body, we must understand the proteins that actually perform our day-to-day functions—and malfunctions. Unfortunately, current protein technologies are heavily biased towards highly expressed proteins. As such, low expression or novel, unknown proteins will not be accurately detected despite contributing to various pathologies. No technology currently exists that will identify all the proteins present—no matter the expression level—in healthy and diseased states.

To solve this problem, Glyphic Biotechnologies has developed a new way to sequence proteins. The company’s founders spent the last five years in research methodically developing the methods underlying Glyphic’s breakthrough technology. They have integrated chemical and biological sensors to maximize signal-to-noise and allow them to decode the human proteome through full coverage, de novo protein sequencing at single molecule resolutions.

This platform will enable the development of novel therapeutics and diagnostics and, ultimately, a deeper understanding of human biology. Eventually, this technology could be used by biopharma to drastically reduce the time and direct costs of discovering new biologic-based therapeutics and neoantigens, serving as a source of innovative product development. Academia and industry would have access to a proteomics discovery workflow and tool that breaks free from the traditional throughput/cost curve on which all other technologies in this space lie.

While the platform is not yet commercially available, Glyphic is funded by investors including those who previously backed 10X Genomics, Seer, Twist Bioscience, and more who believe in the promise of this transformative technology.


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