PM360 2021 Innovative Startup Courier Health

Courier Health

Rose Kozar, Director of Client Solutions

Courier Health empowers life sciences companies with visibility and control over the patient experience. Their innovative software includes data integration, workflows, and actionable insights that are specifically designed for managing the commercial patient journey from initial awareness to onboarding through ongoing adherence.

The company was founded in 2020 by Danny Sigurdson (CEO), who had spent 10+ building and scaling software companies, and Jimmy Pomponio (COO), who had spent 10+ years designing and running patient services organizations at biotech companies. Given their combined backgrounds, they were quite sure of two things: 1) patient engagement and retention is a major problem, and 2) there was a perfect opportunity for software to be a part of the solution.

Courier Health’s solution provides the life sciences industry a single platform to orchestrate the entire commercial patient journey. With detailed visibility into how patients progress through intake, benefits investigation, prior authorization, pharmacy coordination, therapy initiation, ongoing adherence, or any of the numerous additional steps—manufacturers can be notified in real-time of any issues and offered recommended actions to help automate resolution. This not only improves the patient experience but ultimately helps to ensure the success of patients on therapy.

With Courier Health, pharma companies are delivering personalized patient experiences that help accelerate time to therapy and eliminate unnecessary patient dropouts. The setup process is fast and iterative, enabling companies to realize significant value in a matter of months.


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