PM360 2018 Innovative Service Sync from Syneos Health


Syneos Health

Paul O’Neill,

Syneos Health believed the healthcare industry needed an evolved approach to the historical re-tread of strategies to address complexity when it comes to bringing brands to dominance. The team set out to solve the many problems of bringing a product to market, from data overload and the number of touchpoints and channels marketers have to deal with, to regulatory, or legal, or scientific circumstances to how those in the industry work—operating in silos, seeing fragmented insights. The result was Sync, a service that helps marketing leaders make superior decisions through advanced data science and deep domain expertise.

Sync is the only engine that reveals potential outcomes from key decisions before trying them in the real world, before a single dollar is spent. It produces answers to some of the hardest questions that clients have, using three hyper-connected elements. The first is data: Actionable marketplace data fuels the Sync engine. The second is the engine itself, a predictive approach that simulates outcomes of multiple potential in-market scenarios. And finally, a dedicated expert team for modeling, interpretation, and optimization. These elements come together to identify and profile audiences most likely to drive incremental growth, identify messages that most likely drive deeper levels of audience engagement, and deploy a channel mix optimized for the ROI.

Based on simulation algorithms, network science, and behavioral economics, Sync uses machine learning for calibration, attribution, sensitivity analysis, and optimization. It is powered by the industry’s only multivariate simulated approach that puts the consumer at the center of the analysis. Syneos has provided a truly innovative service in its ability to use hundreds of potential moments, touchpoints, and audiences, each carefully optimized individually and inter-dependently.


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