PM360 2021 Innovative Product SELF: My Way to Well from Condé Nast

SELF: My Way to Well

Condé Nast

Debra Harris, VP, Head of Marketing, Lifestyle Division

My Way to Well is a one-of-a-kind, interactive editorial platform from SELF. The My Way to Well experience, engages users with national patient survey data directly through interactive infographics that change based on user initiated filters, such as race, age, and gender. Users then consume video and written content organized into three key themes: 1) The long, winding road to diagnosis; 2) The path to treatment; 3) Living with their condition day to day. The My Way to Well program features editorial videos starring real patients and diverse doctors, articles, audio clips, handwritten personal notes, words of encouragement, and a toolkit for living with the condition.

SELF launched its first installment of My Way to Well, focusing on psoriasis, in April 2021. To date, the publication continues to see market interest in this product and has published a second installment focusing on migraine, with a third installment on a roadmap to highlight psoriatic arthritis.

Presented in dynamic content for longer engagement, SELF has the ability to publish a variety of content including: videos featuring patients and experts, digital articles, and data-centric infographic shorts from survey findings. Compelling editorial videos illuminate the patient journey from a both patient and physician point of view, designed to educate the audience on everything concerning their condition that patients need to know, from triggers to disease progression, to talking to their doctor.

Metrics show My Way to Well performs better than typical health content including 20% more minutes per visit, 52% more engaged minutes, 91% more video engagement, and an average time of 4:04 spent on the site.


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