ELITE 2021 Marketing Team OXLUMO® (lumasiran) Launch Team

OXLUMO® (lumasiran) Launch Team


Agency Partners: PRECISIONeffect and Greater Than One

Alnylam Team:
Tim McIntire, Senior Director, Global Marketing
Tim Buck, Director, Global Marketing
Olivia Yang, Senior Manager, Global Marketing
Genie Dubuk, VP, U.S. Rare Disease Marketing
Tim Mooney, Director, U.S. Marketing
Shaily Shah, Associate Director, U.S. Marketing
Stephanie Schofield, Marketing Coordinator
Jeordan Legon, Senior Director, Digital Center of Excellence
Max Silver, Associate Director, Digital Center of Excellence
Kristen Rapoza, Manager, Digital Center of Excellence

Giving New Hope to PH1 Patients

Primary hyperoxaluria type 1 (PH1) is an ultra-rare genetic disease, estimated to affect one to three people per one million, characterized by oxalate overproduction that can result in the deposition of calcium oxalate crystals in the kidneys and urinary tract. This accumulation can lead to painful and recurrent kidney stones, progression to kidney failure, and systemic organ dysfunction. Many late-stage patients require a dual liver and kidney transplant, which obviously adds to the anxiety and emotional unrest these patients face. OXLUMO® is the first and only FDA-approved and EMA-licensed therapy for PH1.

But even launching a first-in-class therapy has its challenges, especially during a pandemic. To overcome the limited resources and low disease awareness, the teams—Global Marketing, U.S. Marketing, the Digital Center of Excellence—and all agency partners had to work as one launch team. And in just six short months this close collaboration and integrated workplan enabled the testing of thoughtfully crafted materials, engagement with key opinion leaders, hiring and training of the sales force, and execution on a digital-first approach.

On the first day of the launch of OXLUMO, Alnylam had two significant calls to action: the ability for website visitors to 1) speak directly to a patient education liaison, or 2) for HCPs to speak to a sales representative. “This was key because COVID drove the need for remote conversations and, given the type of disease, no one was going to prescribe from visiting a website alone,” explains Max Silver, Associate Director of Digital Center of Excellence. “We needed to move quickly to support product education in a digital world because it was in the best interest of the patients, their families, and the HCPs caring for them.”

As a result of the team’s efforts, in the first two months post-launch the OXLUMO HCP and patient website had 41,405 site visits, 1,529 PDF downloads, and over 30 email sign-ups. And the team even exceeded its Q4 patient start form goal.


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