PM360 2022 Innovative Strategy Enabling Privacy and Personalization in Health Advertising from Publicis Health Media & Meta

Enabling Privacy and Personalization in Health Advertising

Publicis Health Media & Meta

Contact Person:
Emily Stockton-Brown, VP PR & Marketing

The importance of privacy continues to grow in today’s advertising ecosystem. As a highly regulated industry, pharma has long prioritized patient privacy and data, but in recent years, platforms have faced the challenges of privacy with renewed rigor. As marketers and platforms work to continually prioritize user privacy, Publicis Health Media and Meta partnered to uncover alternative targeting strategies for pharmaceutical advertisers to maintain media effectiveness. This research, composed of 14 studies of interest-based audiences to find the best solution, measured cost-effectiveness across a series of targeting scenarios. Ultimately, this resulted in a jointly released white paper, “Enabling Privacy and Personalization in Health Advertising,” which redefines the gold-standard in strategic healthcare targeting on the platform.

The primary observation across all 14 studies was that signal-based audiences drove the most cost-efficient media outcomes for pharma brands across therapeutic areas and appear to be a viable replacement to health interests. Lookalikes of website visitors were the most cost-efficient, followed by lookalikes of video viewers and lookalikes of page engagers. These findings prove that alternative targeting options exist without sacrificing cost efficiency or effectiveness.

As a result of this white paper, the findings are being used to move the industry toward a targeting approach in healthcare with:

  • Increased emphasis on connecting content engagement with audience intent
  • Increased comfortability with AI-driven lookalike modeling—and the human touch needed to steer these algorithms
  • Renewed exploration of third-party audience providers to expand awareness reach
  • Reduced reliance on platform-created audience/interest targeting

Effectually, this white paper will help all health brands maintain and iterate upon their current marketing strategies.


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