PM360 2021 Innovative Company Trialbee


Vidhi Goel, VP of Marketing

Trialbee has historically been focused on using real-world data to provide the smartest way to match and enroll patients in a clinical trial. In October 2021, the company rolled out a new platform to further help achieve that goal, Trialbee Honey, which is the first solution to provide tracking and measurement of all recruitment activities regardless of referral sources. Honey provides transparency into enrollment programs, enabling adaptive patient recruitment based on real-time insights.

With an anticipated 50,000 clinical trials requiring 125 million patients over the next five years, patient recruitment has faced increased pressure to meet enrollment timelines. Recent data shows that nearly 80% of trials fail to meet enrollment timelines and that approximately one-third of all Phase III study terminations are a result of poor enrollment. These persistent challenges can lead study leaders to feel disempowered.

Honey empowers sites, sponsors, and CROs with the control of driving timely patient recruitment outcomes. The platform’s analytics dashboard enables study teams to consolidate participants recruited from multiple sources, increase enrollment conversions, and foster convenient communication and engagement with patients

By knowing which recruitment strategies and campaigns are bringing in the best candidates as well as which sites are quick to follow up, patient recruitment teams can allocate resources to the most effective channels and sites to optimize enrollment outcomes. This includes the ability to identify recruitment strategies and channels best suited for delivering a more representative group of patients.

To date, Honey has screened 500K patients, been featured in 20 clinical research studies at over 250 research sites, been used in over 10 countries, and resulted in 15 indications.


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