2020 Pharma Choice Self-Promotion Silver Winner Health Science Communications

Health Science Communications

“The HSC Kind”

Health Science Communications is a group of unique thinkers and visionary brand storytellers. Science is in our blood. We craft innovative solutions with passion and integrity, always anticipating our clients’ needs. Why? Because we care. In the end, we all are patients. We are a special kind—The HSC Kind.

Health Science Communications Team:

Nikolay Nikolov, SVP, Creative Director
Veronique Cardon, SVP, Business Strategy
Lauren Brajczewski, Designer
Ali Erkurt, Creative Strategist
Justin Sosnovski, Director of Video and Motion
Elizabeth Robinson, EVP, Director of Talent Engagement and Development
Jan-Willem van Doorn, President
Delphine Dubois, Chief Innovation Officer
And all the staff at HSC


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