PM360 2021 Innovative Product Evidence-based Physician Engagement Solution from OptimizeRx

Evidence-based Physician Engagement Solution


Mike Rousselle, VP Data Product

For years, the life sciences industry has been executing on real-world data (RWD) insights months after the data is collected—in a retrospective, rather than prospective needs-based manner. But OptimizeRx’s Evidence-based Physician Engagement is a patent-pending solution that uses its AI-driven Therapy Initiation and Persistence Platform to deliver tailored engagement leveraging RWD insights in real time.

Using predictive analytics via machine learning methods applied to RWD, the Therapy Initiation and Persistence Platform can assist HCPs in identifying patients who may be qualified for specific therapies, raise awareness of patient access pathways, and identify early indicators of non-adherence among patient populations. This real-world evidence (RWE) translates into better support for providers as they look to make the best treatment decisions for their patients, especially for those with complex dosing requirements or chronic disease indications.

This RWE solution has a “patient-first” focus, helping manufacturers identify which HCPs to engage by first identifying if they have patients in need of support, based on where they are in their care journey and disease state. This needs assessment is completed in real time using the AI technology on the Therapy Initiation and Persistence Platform, reducing delay in support delivery caused by traditional applications of RWD in engagement activities. This can make a compelling difference in patients’ lives.

For example, this solution is currently being used by a top pharma manufacturer to provide real-time visibility to doctors when Medicare patients’ treatment plans are at risk of lapse due to loss of coverage. This helps ensure that patients who qualify for therapy can continue to follow their physician’s preferred treatment plan without interruption due to new and unexpected out-of-pocket costs.


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