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Connelly Partners Health

Connelly Partners

Stephen Piotrowski, Managing Director of Connelly Partners Health

This fall, independent agency Connelly Partners (CP) launched Connelly Partners Health (CP Health), a new dedicated health practice as part of the agency’s integrated offering that takes a unique human approach to healthcare marketing. Building off the agency’s Defiantly Human strategic approach to uncover human truths and shared values between brands and customers, CP Health taps this capability and applies it in working with life sciences, medtech, and healthcare organizations.

Consumers/patients continue to take more control of their health and exert more influence on treatment discussions and choices. So it’s more important than ever for marketers to reach audiences creating an optimal brand experience. CP Health uncovers key drivers of behavior beyond how they think/feel about the brand/category, but also how they think/feel about themselves and their lives. These insights are unique in healthcare advertising and help brands better connect with their customers.

CP Health works with clients through a process, leveraging anthropology, data, and technology to uncover what audiences want and guide brand strategy, creative, and integrated execution. This approach is already resonating as CP Health works with brands including Corning, Fluid Edge, Tracing Health/the Public Health Institute, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston Scientific among others.

CP has been working in health for nearly two decades, formalizing this practice for today. In one campaign, the agency helped launch a new emergency contraceptive (EC) brand, ella, in the U.S. While EC usage was increasing among 18- to 34-year-old women, the bulk of market share belonged to Plan B. CP helped Afaxys introduce this new brand at a higher price point but with greater efficacy while creating a digital strategy, driving to online Rx sites Afaxys partnered with.


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