PM360 2021 Innovative Company Saama Technologies

Saama Technologies

Gregory T. Simpson, Vice President, Head of Marketing

Over the past year, the life sciences industry was pushed to be more innovative and responsive than ever as it raced to develop effective and life-saving therapies to combat COVID-19. Saama Technologies, creator of ClinTech, the new category of purpose-built, AI-based clinical insights and automation platforms, was at the epicenter of the global effort.

Saama’s Smart Data Quality (SDQ), a domain-centric, deep learning/AI system that learns patterns to decide whether queries need to be raised during clinical research, played an integral role in expediting development of the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine and bringing it to market in record time. A major pharmaceutical company leveraged SDQ in their COVID-19 vaccine mega-trial to process over 100 million data points per day for the 47,000-person trial and ultimately shave an entire month off of the clinical development process.

Saama also led the call for the implementation of active safety analytics to drive public acceptance of and confidence in COVID-19 vaccines and close the gap between those willing to be vaccinated and those who are hesitant. Saama called on pharma to leverage a data-driven surveillance approach to firmly establish public confidence in the life sciences industry and COVID-19 vaccine deployment.

Finally, Saama also pushed for more industry-wide collaboration to develop and implement a global, AI-enabled “Smart Research” network to give scientists the ability to securely share clinical research, signals, and insights to immediately inform drug development efforts. The company is not stopping there, and recently entered into a growth investment by global investment firm Carlyle and an industry consortium including Amgen Ventures, Merck Global Health Innovation Fund, Pfizer Ventures, and others to continue to redefine the drug development paradigm.


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