2020 Pharma Choice Unbranded Silver Winner Proximyl Health and Athenex Oncology

Proximyl Health and Athenex Oncology

“Empathy Glove”

Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) is a side effect of some metastatic breast cancer treatments, which can cause painful sensations in the hands and feet. To help oncologists understand its debilitating effect, we created an “empathy glove” for a conference, allowing them to experience for themselves this CIPN-caused tingling and numbing.

Proximyl Health Team:

Halen Van Dang, VP, Creative Director
Skyler Bertelsen, Art Director
Jodie Grubb, VP, Brand Strategy Planning
Ann Manousos, Copywriter/Creative Strategist
Jennifer Peters, SVP, Business Director/Agency Services
Filomena E. Nuñez, Senior Project Manager
Tina Fascetti, Managing Director/Chief Creative Officer

Production Team:

Carbon Project, PXL House

Athenex Oncology Team:

Jennifer Greeby, Sr. Director Marketing and New Product Planning
Kristin Schriver, Director Customer Marketing


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