PM360 2021 Innovative Company POCN


Carmen Mazzatta, COO/CFO

POCN’s founder, Richard Zwickel, noticed early on that the rise in Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Physician Associates (PAs) as power-prescribers would make them a big force in the future of U.S. healthcare. However, data specific to these advanced practice providers (APPs) was hard to come by. POCN changed that when it came onto the scene in 2014 and fielded the first data set of APPs and created the only tool to identify them by specialty, location, and more.

Now, there are currently 1,300 NP-owned and managed medical practices in the U.S.—and NPs are growing at a 45% rate. Meanwhile, PAs are expected to grow at a 34% rate from 2020 to 2029. Since both NPs and PAs can write prescriptions in all 50 states, over a billion prescriptions are written by NPs and PAs and this volume is growing. Of the 460,000 licensed NPs and PAs in the U.S., POCN is able to identify and segment close to 400,000 of them by various attributes. The data models that POCN created are geared toward a better understanding of the activities and trends of NPs and PAs—insights that have not been available over the past five years.

Most recently, in August 2021, the company partnered with Lasso, the first and only omni-channel platform for healthcare marketing and analytics, to launch POCN Specialty. This new offering allows marketers to identify the specialties associated with a target group of NPs and PAs and provide relevant messaging to their specialty in a peer-to-peer environment. Additionally, POCN’s exclusive audiences can now be seamlessly reached across all programmatic, social, and email channels on the Lasso platform.


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